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Karma: 114
03/01/2021 helloiamjoe

thanks for the hack

09/21/2020 sinfulfullsin

thanks for info about hex number

09/04/2020 ufkingbanned

thx you <3

06/16/2020 burrubu

Thank you for the valuable information! My usual AoBs are from decompiling the (flash) game, and this time I ventured into disassembling some memory region directly from CE. I will look more into it.

01/30/2020 Goro

Epic battle fantasy 5, tack & thx mate!

10/22/2019 m0bitz

works still, excellently

10/07/2019 rawrkitteh

There doesn't need to be a specific reason for ya.

10/05/2019 skullord714

Idle IdleGameDev console

10/02/2019 goku90504

Idle Idle gamedev cheat It'd be nice to have a version that just gives a certain amount of a given currency but beggars have little right to be choosers and this hack you gave does work (which is more than can be said for any of my attempts)

10/02/2019 kjhendir

Great coding skills and also, just a great person

10/01/2019 lughaidh

hack it works

10/01/2019 thomisback2

idle game dev

08/24/2019 zoicado

Fixed the issue with my ip getting banned for no reason

05/04/2019 rawrkitteh

You rock :)

05/30/2018 ghostxpro

thanks for help

04/23/2018 YetAnoth3rNub

Your posts are really helpful, keep it up :)

12/11/2017 jcbsb

My khtu stoped working and he gave the solution

11/04/2017 Forceline

Thank you; I may not remember tho.

10/30/2017 cruziniv


10/30/2017 rawrkitteh

You're plain awesome for all you've done.

10/30/2017 dragon99973

Nice tips for beginner (y)

10/19/2017 shinnar

Thanks man!

09/09/2017 Yessin111

Thanks for helping me with my stupidness <3

08/12/2017 FAggit

This guy helped me with my request! thanks man

08/11/2017 PortalB

This man is lovely

07/30/2017 kjhendir

Thanks for the hacks and sorry for bothering you for them, i'll learn someday and i'll update the ones for Idling to Rule the Gods xD

07/28/2017 xmenta

Cuz you deserve it! Thanks man

07/24/2017 KingHong

Given me an awesome suggestion while no one else did.

06/13/2017 harrisonhess

A very nice bro :D

06/05/2017 ledah

instant reply man, thanks ^^

06/02/2017 xmenta


05/22/2017 MoGaming

I enjoy there hacks

05/21/2017 ram2002

good replay me

05/07/2017 Rez00

Gave me a laugh but also reminded be to be careful to not end up like that random profile XD.

05/02/2017 kaneki3211

the duty of the staff is hard and i really do appreciate your work on the site and everything else you do

04/19/2017 Forceline

Guess i didn't do the best job finding the max, thx.

02/23/2017 chamomild

thanks for making these hax!

02/13/2017 kitsune

Very nice person

01/26/2017 Lorde

this is helpful

12/05/2016 gibranhl

I am giving you karma because you posted some helpful information in the post.

11/02/2016 Mordecai897

Thanks for the information. We won't have to go through this ever again.

10/25/2016 illmuhumibinati_ponka

I asked for help in more than 30 forums and no one replied but in this forum , you replied...

Thanks Again!

10/17/2016 Mordecai897 FTW

10/02/2016 AutismoBoy500

Very dedicated user.

09/23/2016 Doomware

You've been keeping busy. Here's a Karma.

09/19/2016 ThisIsMyAccount12345

Thanks for posting this information

08/22/2016 atlan

nice info thanks

08/19/2016 Agent Caio

thanks man!

08/15/2016 iceyman741

helpful info

08/07/2016 Raust

Helping me learning something.

08/04/2016 Frylock321

For niggling my niggles, and not explaining the process of lua confusion, but helping none the less. Niggle on you crazy diamond.

07/27/2016 ipakerok46

Thanks for sponsoring me

07/18/2016 Mordecai897

You are of great help! :D

06/21/2016 Dumplin

You know your shit. I like that.

06/11/2016 Cretanicious

i dont know what i did but igave you karma :D

06/11/2016 pushit1991

Thanks a lot for those new hacks for ITRTG ^^

06/08/2016 Mordecai897

"Things I trust more than I trust Hillary Clinton: Mexican tap water. Farting when I have diarrhea. Having a drink offered by Bill Cosby. Michael Jackson's doctor. Prince's pharmacist. Half-price gas station Sushi. A Nazi plumber fixing my shower. Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton. Playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic pistol. An investment email from a Nigerian prince. A Ford Pinto with twenty extra jugs of gasoline in the back seat. And finally - Bill Clinton at a Girl Scout convention."

Zenwaichi 2016/6/8

06/03/2016 Mordecai897

For letting me know my hacks were not updated. I almost forgot to give you up karma :P

05/29/2016 wiccolo

That's the way i thank you for being good :)

05/17/2016 Mordecai897

Helping me finally make an AoB :)

04/20/2016 mimikos

For your reply regarding how to find out in which games you can use the hacks.

04/20/2016 UsernameNotInUse

Very useful post.

04/18/2016 Mordecai897

Thanks for the hacks bro! :)

02/19/2016 ultimusa

Hi! Thanks for sponsoring me!

02/13/2016 randomly2100

I think it's time we bury the hatchet. :)

12/28/2015 randomly2100

Excellent work on Feliz Navidad: Crossmas Schmup :)

12/24/2015 randomly2100

Valiant effort on the snowballs, but I dodged all of them :P

12/22/2015 kolonelkadat

for being kind and helpful to a new member

12/20/2015 camax

i'm new here so i found good info in this post that's all ^^

12/12/2015 trollface213

Thanks for the points that you get for doing alot of things

12/01/2015 randomly2100

Very impressive hack :)

11/26/2015 randomly2100

Counter karma since the one below had no merit.

11/25/2015 Strider18

Flipped out for no reason and started being abusive right from the beginning because someone stated a fact about the experience they had with some hacks in a completely grown up way.

11/25/2015 randomly2100

Thanks for what you did for me, you're awesome!!!

11/13/2015 randomly2100

Thank you.

11/04/2015 randomly2100

for being the peace maker

10/30/2015 chrisroller

Thanks for Realm Grinder hacks

10/13/2015 randomly2100

Thank you for what you said

10/11/2015 fakutya

Yeah, never together. But i feel it was more the alloy-limit that triggered it

10/10/2015 styruslolz

you are too kind!!! giving free points to everyone lol

09/22/2015 chilly

thanks for the good "heads up" on points

09/04/2015 Darklord007

Oh man, that was fast! Thank you for those hacks and updates!

08/24/2015 styruslolz

this guy is awesome, he helps everybody :)

08/24/2015 DeltaRazer

Very friendly and helpful !

07/28/2015 jjackson82

Because the first time didn't work or something?

07/26/2015 styruslolz

thanks man, for taking the time to create this wonderful hack! Much appreciated!

07/26/2015 hackergonnahackLOL

Thanks for the hacks!

07/24/2015 styruslolz

gud1, nice hacks

07/23/2015 ultramichael821

Good hacks. and sry for being a douche on kong. were cool now? :)

07/19/2015 AeternusMitis

Fast update for the hack. Thanks you for your time :)

04/29/2015 logaden

thanks for fast replying

04/13/2015 LeUsername

Fucking good laugh. Thanks dude. XD

03/20/2015 Amenhotep

For the Forge of Gods hacks, and here's to hoping for more success.

03/18/2015 plitka

good initiative

03/17/2015 b0mber

Funny! Supporting the dev on an anti-dev site.

03/10/2015 Utopia

for FoG!!!

02/05/2015 xBeelzebubx

I been watching your hacks and they are amazing, they work on the most popular games thank you

02/05/2015 xcyteme

Hack for Lionheart tactics

02/04/2015 nonrelent

you fulfilled my lionheart request like a boss!

01/03/2015 Goro

Thanks again for your help Zenwaichi (Help forum)!

12/18/2014 shalala

Really helpful and patient :)

12/16/2014 Kevin91x

Not related to topic, helped provide information and hacks ^~^

12/11/2014 flashlight1564

thanks for the help

12/08/2014 kodiak because your awesome!!
11/26/2014 gamer1024 Not related to this post, but you're awesome for helping me figure out how to hack.
11/09/2014 kolonelkadat for being awesome!
11/04/2014 gilraen165
09/30/2014 Horizon Geeze chill.
09/23/2014 The Ignorant Masses Ron FTW
08/15/2014 tyshawn1900 good hacks
08/02/2014 asdf1337
06/01/2014 bokloz1996
05/15/2014 kolonelkadat for making my job easier. (not related to the post, i just needed a karma link)
05/03/2014 klys4 For helping in chat with actionscript 1.
03/19/2014 EHoK U help me understanderino .swf aobs, tnx.
02/22/2014 dudial +1 like it. pimps ftw !
12/21/2013 lordyoyo Sweet :D
06/23/2013 daniele117 thanks for the guide =)
Karma Given
01/06/2021 Zakary

could have done that yesterday for the badge of the day, didnt really enjoy playing

12/08/2020 Phoenix76

thak yous for link

11/26/2020 kiss_of_kill

wwell put high five

07/23/2020 The Ignorant Masses

tim to the rescue

07/01/2020 pieswasjebal10

good finding and game added to db

06/14/2020 burrubu

you've been doing a great job

02/10/2020 Goro

good luck. if all else fails offer to pay and sign a non competitive contract

03/24/2019 catterfly

good i overlooked that you need to do that if the game is inside an iframe on chrome

12/16/2018 patrikkamaras0

good discovery

02/12/2018 jacknuutopea

Uh very resourceful and witty

12/08/2017 Remo21122012

nice but i wish you used spoiler blocks for formatting so it wouldn't take a ton of vertical space in the page

12/06/2017 bobthebuilder1978

thank you for the heads up bob. There was a mistake, should be cool now

11/05/2017 MrFisherman

Managed to go out of topic in a trash topic and decided to endorse and promote a shady ass program while there are more reputable options and even open source options. That was something

09/30/2017 kh1234

buy cheap cialis and viagre and winstrol only today save 20% on your first batch of black dildos.

09/30/2017 Chraysor

i appreciated the honesty

09/29/2017 The Ignorant Masses

Yes, I do.

09/18/2017 Ltlandpa365

very good post

09/03/2017 Deathsrevenge

very lolworthy

07/04/2017 forgotten

nice clever trick :)

06/25/2017 EdgePlays

nice post, good suggestion

06/01/2017 khdc

It's good that you don't want to get to 5 posts without spam. Don't give up

04/02/2017 wong19982000

Thank you for your good intentions my lord

03/13/2017 GenesisAlweul

Informative and formatted. Kudos to you. The first puff is on the house :P

02/27/2017 The Ignorant Masses

Go go go, don't give up! noice

01/19/2017 herefishyfishy2

nice shot herefishyfishy2

12/10/2016 The Ignorant Masses

I lied. No 1000 points for you

12/02/2016 LeUsername

overly salty. Prejudice is a bad beast

11/29/2016 jowback

I know what you did there :)

10/28/2016 KiriLucas

Start fresh... giving you the benefit of the doubt

10/26/2016 KiriLucas

sneakiest,strategically placed, useless first five posts. There would be no problem if there were no lies and they weren't in 'important' topics

10/21/2016 Jessyca

the link expired years ago so you lied

10/15/2016 ipakerok46

Lovely music, lovely menus, lovely video. Another good job by ipakerok :P do you plan to release the source?

10/15/2016 jowback

you've been doing good

10/08/2016 ipakerok46

You made some great hacks that show you can use your brain to be creative. I expect great things from you. :3

09/29/2016 EzEddie

Downvoting several working hacks

09/11/2016 ZuckeR

I'm loving this banter/topic

09/10/2016 LittleRedEye

balancing the universe. Show some mad skills

09/08/2016 Mordecai897

tutorial writing has increased by 0.1%

09/04/2016 nordland

GG. Thanks

09/02/2016 dimava

You made insane progress with aobs. I would say you are fluent by now :D checked your latest hacks

08/17/2016 cocosdanny

good and legitimate question. Didn't deserve negative karma

08/11/2016 thomisback2

You bring to our attention several nice games. Nice guy :)

07/25/2016 onyxluna

you are forgiven but speak back if you are wrong and somebody points it out. Especially figures with authority. A sorry is less expensive and might set you up for a brighter future. 'Kay? Be nice even to the ones who are not nice to you

06/23/2016 Halon1

good finding

06/17/2016 skyblader333

Good guide, thanks for giving back :)

06/09/2016 ThisIsAUsernameIThink

the first puff is on the house

05/31/2016 Mordecai897

You already started giving back. And I proposed those changes :P

05/01/2016 pushit1991

karmic balance

04/28/2016 llAtomixDESll

at least edit your post and pretend you had something to say

04/10/2016 Silentbladez

eye pleasing formatting and interesting manga. Look in the abyss and it will stare back into you. Will check it out

03/15/2016 Greyhat

all posts should be so meaningful and dramatic

03/01/2016 publi0x1

posted he has a problem in the topic with the answer to his question. 404 Irony not found. Hints where also in the screenshot

02/12/2016 randomly2100

can't recall if I already karmaed up to your benefit lol

01/12/2016 randomly2100

you rocking hard, lots of hacks and some are especially tasty (like eukarion takes)

01/09/2016 kolonelkadat

you either make the video or give me private lessons

12/30/2015 jowback

balancing things out and letting you have the opportunity to start fresh.

12/24/2015 Badgertastic3

doing what I can to keep stuff updated

12/19/2015 Kissulichka4

Science, biatch! +256 exp, level up

12/17/2015 SirCutieYuki

your stories are short, I am saddened :c nice use of dots

12/01/2015 randomly2100

good job, now the burden is yours lol

11/09/2015 Simple_AOB

cocky & !humble. A bow is not enough, genuflect before speaking to the Captain

11/09/2015 Ahssherder

Happy First Anniversary on konghack!!! also you copy pasted that long post

10/23/2015 ari5667

you deserved it

10/22/2015 Taavi

thank you and you are welcome

10/13/2015 jowback

Excessively negative karma. Why don't you try to ask nicely to theignorantmasses?

10/12/2015 effewe2

he's an ass. Good job with the hax. They must pissed off you too to the meadow

09/22/2015 juanforozone

saw it coming

09/16/2015 Cybafish20

you're a good potato

09/13/2015 The Ignorant Masses

that's so inappropiate

09/10/2015 ZuckeR

You should have stopped at the previous post, our deal was that you wouldn't help them.

09/09/2015 oswe

thanks for the feedback man

09/07/2015 drakelam

you better delete that topic and start posting higher quality content.

09/03/2015 effewe2

power didn't corrupt you, still a nice guy

09/03/2015 hackergonnahackLOL

while encouraging me to go fuck myself you mispelled the name of my hack

07/19/2015 AeternusMitis

Reported properly being polite. Well done

05/17/2015 mrq123

hug me, I'm scarred

05/04/2015 Thunderbird

already reading tutorials and getting used to the forum before being prompted to. Nice wish everybody was as astronomer as you

04/12/2015 Valkyrie

I want to be your dolphin

04/05/2015 dasjones

one word posts/comments that do not contribute to the discussion in a positive way are a sure way( or rather a shortcut) to get in trouble. "Mama goose say:nothing good to say, nothing to say"

03/26/2015 ZuckeR

Thanks for helping the site staying alive :)

03/18/2015 lol wut

You've been a good mentor, thank you...

03/17/2015 rajakeren123

that is not even a hack : / hack=/=game

01/29/2015 lol wut :)

01/29/2015 haenawolf

111th karma :D thanks for the quickie but if could give me a booking to when she's still alive (and maybe i'm too). I mean waiting 10 year is enough of a burden already. If we are both alive it's gonna be so awkward to get down to business between elders lol

01/28/2015 accounthack

make it spin, turn around, spread it.

01/17/2015 ZuckeR

Good stuff.Simple and borderline genius. I should down karma you for not sharing more goodies

01/11/2015 lol wut

Words of wisdom :)

12/28/2014 kolonelkadat

I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to start a flame in your heart. In my heart I have one desire, And that one is you. No other will do.

12/21/2014 Cram_Flam

He clearly knows what he's doing

12/17/2014 haenawolf

From the day we arrive on the planet And blinking, step into the sun There's more to see than can ever be seen More to do than can ever be done There's far too much to take in here More to find than can ever be found But the sun rolling high Through the sapphire sky Keeps great and small on the endless round

12/17/2014 TaBzAstoria

I looooooooooooooove you

12/10/2014 FinalStrife7 here have some karma, some points are valid. Now please stop posting about that
11/26/2014 vava32 You lied, also you downvoted working hacks for idle mine ex2 and I keep getting spammed by -hack notifications. What's rule n1 of aob hacks? APPLY BEFORE PLAYING NOT WHILE IN GAME.
11/13/2014 Lucifer first rule of PGH: don't talk about PGH
11/04/2014 obscured despite my avaibility for talks he decided to ignore everything and downvote hacks. Disappointed
09/06/2014 Happytonia4 Warning
08/20/2014 Smoshi lack of common sense and rerelease of stuff. Disappointed
08/14/2014 tyshawn1900 it takes courage and wisdom to acknowledge our own mistakes
08/13/2014 tyshawn1900 ingrateful bastard
08/02/2014 EHoK realize you make shitloads of hacks and don't have enough karma
06/10/2014 burapa necrobvious, didn't even read last post
06/04/2014 gates nice verbal rape, couldn't agree more
05/30/2014 boyspeed1 you should posted in the topic where you got hacks the first time
05/15/2014 AnthonysToolbox very good
03/27/2014 haenawolf ty
03/14/2014 ChaoMing fuck you commie
03/10/2014 haenawolf I love you, but I also thought only I and saucyjack knew about this since it was like our experimental project ^^ you never stop to amaze me
02/12/2014 gravebella good job knife
01/08/2014 haenawolf so fucking amazing
12/30/2013 ASSASIN blatant,unwanted, advertsiment for resources outside
12/22/2013 Simple_AOB mofoing nigga awesome post
12/08/2013 kolonelkadat kadat that post was legendary, I can't understand how you can be so keen and epicly badass. You make me feel like a gay ass pussy
11/13/2013 BeStPRoGiE glad to see you still around and kickin
11/08/2013 haenadog
10/27/2013 yukinoguchi good deed of today, now go download aobs
09/20/2013 The Ignorant Masses time to stop being an annoying jerk and show some appreciation, also thank you for your forbearance
09/20/2013 dolce.panna was willing to let you have a second chance but you insist with those monetarization bullshit, how does it feel to sell you dignity for 5 cents?
09/19/2013 dolce.panna Malicious scum it is time for your last warning stop trying to get rich on the shoulder of others. That's not how konghack is meant to be.
09/18/2013 Turall fuck you
08/06/2013 kolonelkadat wanking your pleasure stick a little bit to cheer you up
08/05/2013 dvdpower my junkie powers tell me not to trust you.
07/29/2013 haenawolf Wonderful work :)
07/22/2013 brutuz9
07/12/2013 yavn03 we don't like randomly downvoting bitches. GTFO
07/08/2013 haenawolf your aobs are pieces of art
06/30/2013 jimmy192 bitch : )
06/27/2013 thenewcomer that's right, tell them bitches. Privacy and freedom are not scum
06/10/2013 truehacker I don't know. Don't you think that post was moronic?
05/10/2013 crazy_turban
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