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09/28/2014 The Ignorant Masses I'm betting if there were hacks for this game, they'd be posted.
09/28/2014 The Ignorant Masses Wow, you're a complete fucktard.
09/19/2014 The Ignorant Masses "nice lol" as a post in a topic about site growth is pointless and is seen as a very shitty way to increase your post count.
08/15/2014 EHoK You said sorry and haven't been rude ever since. Here is your Karma back! :)
08/14/2014 Zenwaichi it takes courage and wisdom to acknowledge our own mistakes
08/13/2014 Zenwaichi ingrateful bastard
08/12/2014 EHoK Just shut up.
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On what planet was pulling that shit a good idea?
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