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Karma: 41
11/12/2017 Frylock321

For all the AoB's and softwarez over the years.

09/09/2017 Yessin111

Thanks for helping me with my stupidness <3

09/05/2017 FAggit

Thanks for helping me out

08/29/2017 HomacidalWolf

Thanks for the input, it was just supposed to be a random thing but the topic says request. Oh well.

06/19/2017 yonkos

best KBH badge hack and easiest out here upvoted. massive thanks for the simplicity.

03/08/2017 ipakerok46

KBH Chrome Extension, a great work

01/24/2017 Lorde

im gonna try it now thank you.

01/12/2017 Mordecai897

What an outstanding tutorial! 😁😁

01/01/2017 Mordecai897

Because your extension a bad ass.

09/01/2016 Mirko

Thank you for your amazing guides. Have a nice day today!

08/15/2016 Mordecai897

Thanks for that link.

07/06/2016 Mordecai897

Thanks for the Wildcard suggestion. Now my hacks are working better :D

06/04/2016 RavenD

the aob hack tut helped me get started with aobs

11/19/2015 Ahssherder

i just want to say thx (y)

11/09/2015 Zenwaichi

cocky & !humble. A bow is not enough, genuflect before speaking to the Captain

10/04/2015 Lemattic024

Your very resourceful, dependable and you helped me out a lot :)

09/13/2015 A Dirty Burrito

For the array of byte guide. Goodjob

08/25/2015 hackerkiller

it is very good hacks

07/26/2015 bolekkelob

<3 the aob tutorial :)

05/06/2015 havien2015

For speaking the truth about Rockstar and their ban habbits.

02/17/2015 RunnerFreely

The how to make AOB hacks tutorial

02/03/2015 weirdy112

Liked your chat line. ;)

12/18/2014 Goro

Learning the basics of AoB hacking using your guides and vids. Appreciate your work man, thanks so much!

12/13/2014 Deckin

Tutorial on how to find AoB for a total beginner

12/01/2014 ultramichael821 He is an awesome hacker :D
11/29/2014 CrazyBannana Thanks for trying to hack Shellshock live even though it wasnt secsessful Thanks anyway!
10/01/2014 necktweaker Excellent guide to AOB hacking
09/10/2014 klys4 Helping on chat.
09/08/2014 StrictlyAlpha THanks
06/07/2014 ASSASIN
05/11/2014 AnesthesiA *pewpew* *bewm*
01/28/2014 Kai-Ty awesome aob finding tool! I'm gonna take it out for a spin, and hopefully I can help with those soon = )
01/26/2014 gates Nice man, everything all in one package!
01/26/2014 The Ignorant Masses Great job on the utility man!
12/29/2013 sprinky Thanks for the great AoB hacking tutorial you posted :)
12/28/2013 flashlight1564 thanks for your advice
12/22/2013 gates Nice tut, keep em comin!
12/22/2013 Zenwaichi mofoing nigga awesome post
05/13/2013 DarkBlood He is great hacker.
05/02/2013 Tsumi
05/02/2013 The Ignorant Masses Tutorial plus styling bonus!
05/02/2013 gates Nice tutorial
03/26/2012 The Ignorant Masses Thanks for all of the help bud! :)
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09/30/2017 kh1234

Be sure to let them know why you're giving them negative karma!

03/12/2013 The Ignorant Masses Karma Fix
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