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02/22/2020 Goro

Thanks for your reply to the Critter Forge Topic!

03/30/2018 RedstoneRelic

your information was useful

01/25/2018 trashlord1234

Because i can.

08/27/2017 SlicerKing

For being Super Helpful

11/02/2016 lol wut

At least someone can debate properly.

11/02/2016 Mordecai897

I like the new rules.

10/10/2016 Mordecai897

Thanks for the help and thanks for the links :D

09/15/2016 Mordecai897

50th Karma. Great Job helping others :D

08/22/2016 Mordecai897

Thanks for doing that favor :D

08/15/2016 Mordecai897

That was too funny lol

06/20/2016 Mordecai897

For trying to help me with my hack. You've done a good job at it :)

05/31/2016 Mordecai897

Helping me with my script. You deserve it dude! :D

05/16/2016 Mordecai897

For helping me on scripts :)

05/10/2016 Nick297489

Thanks for all the advice!

01/10/2016 randomly2100

Excellent advice.

06/16/2015 Dragon Lee

Answered my question before I even had to ask it

04/22/2015 psychotc

Useful info

02/13/2015 Fater

for locking the secondary SAS4 thread

02/10/2015 EHoK


01/02/2015 kurtis.c

Great, informative post. Thank you!

12/19/2014 isaachart

Your hacks for cloudstone are very helpful and you deserve serious props for the cheat engine table file you created. Thank you!

11/08/2014 XxArachitexX
10/31/2014 onedreh
09/28/2014 xEPIx
09/20/2014 dodgedart72
09/12/2014 klys4 THANKS !
09/08/2014 clampzy
08/16/2014 tallsparton Bad Grammar
08/09/2014 Pootis Man He is good for the plac.e
07/10/2014 MrPrecise Made me laugh
06/11/2014 jfowler11 Great help!
05/14/2014 xor79 "list of useful programs" - really useful stuff. Thank you. Simple Assembly Explorer was removed from google code page but it can still be downloaded through direct link. x64: https://sites.google.com/site/simpledotnet/simple-assembly-explorer/SAE.v1.14.4.x64.7z?attredirects=0&d=1 x32: https://sites.google.com/site/simpledotnet/simple-assembly-explorer/SAE.v1.14.4.x86.7z?attredirects=0&d=1
05/11/2014 AnesthesiA *pewpew* *bewm*
04/25/2014 bracketbasher28 Best video ever.
04/12/2014 killaklown because i haven't seen you help with any games i like so far :(
03/26/2014 blabit good idea. i personally dont know how to figure out hacks. but if i use one, ill always check it and check it, to make sure it does or does not work, before i vote it.
03/21/2014 enilmils1 Helpful Infos.
03/04/2014 ninja1235 just a good warning ;)
02/26/2014 5let
02/20/2014 The Ignorant Masses Yay!
02/07/2014 Creep
01/17/2014 MrFisherman Tnemmoc pu amrak
12/04/2013 srv827
11/13/2013 se7enthsin because your fucking awesome.
11/11/2013 ASSASIN ,
11/10/2013 RGentle
10/20/2013 zhripzzz Great list,really helpful!
09/21/2013 SomeNormalGuy
08/26/2013 migaman2010
08/22/2013 fandango loving the banhammer to the nutsack comment lol
08/22/2013 Xellos
08/05/2013 AngusMC Yea, bout time.
08/01/2013 Slaw Being extremely helpful teaching me Aobs. Thanks
07/27/2013 Harassment Prick.
07/27/2013 gates sig reward :)
07/20/2013 dudial i really appreciate your great feedback and work here. keep it up ;)
06/27/2013 Zenwaichi that's right, tell them bitches. Privacy and freedom are not scum
05/31/2013 Integrated A person of many talents...
05/30/2013 thadius Thank you very much! I'll keep bothering you if I am stuck at some places :P
05/30/2013 kingeminem Great -- i think many people had a laugh with that you made my day by saying it too
05/29/2013 thadius A really nice warm warning
05/10/2013 wawawiki
04/08/2013 Cocoon Useful info on LUA for AoBswap
03/11/2013 100010 Search a little and you will see my contribution...
10/23/2012 kolonelkadat for keeping up the good work
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