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Karma: 32
06/25/2016 Mordecai897

For giving them the leethax fix :)

03/06/2016 Ahssherder

Nice Work (y)

03/04/2016 raiken2

Thanks for the easy directory.

03/02/2016 jarly

You are very patient with people. That's cool.

01/22/2016 fathead

For being mickey mouse mod and always posting good info.

12/24/2015 terox71


11/30/2015 Ahssherder

Nice Work (y)

11/29/2015 The Ignorant Masses

Fuck that harry mother fucker. ;)

11/29/2015 harryp098

Being mean as I am newbie :/

09/03/2015 Marvelhack

Always a great support

07/01/2015 Gillman

Thanks for the feedback and all the hard work putting stuff together!

05/29/2015 Marvelhack

Always avaiable to help other forum members.

Thx kirbyonwarpstar

05/29/2015 raiken2

Thanks for the specs ops xml file bro.

05/24/2015 jarly

HUUGE time saver. Thanks for doing this.

05/20/2015 rigil002

hes very useful!!!!!

05/03/2015 AWSMANKS

thanks for the advice.

04/25/2015 KasuoKei

Nice Info, thx 4 share

04/24/2015 fathead

Nice spec ops 26 task list

04/16/2015 jarly

very nice I do this with another program for chrome, and I've never seen anyone else describe this technique

04/10/2015 dawank

can you give me the tool hack?? please

03/26/2015 fathead

Nice post man, good job

03/24/2015 raiken2

Thank you for the reply man.

03/03/2015 fathead

Cheers for referencing my tactics

02/25/2015 cfmd

wich browser are you using?

01/22/2015 sicherheit

thx for your answer

10/19/2014 sicherheit for awesomeness
10/14/2014 HeroLight Right answer, I think his answer is useful
08/30/2014 longkaka
07/28/2014 sicherheit thx for help
06/27/2014 sicherheit
06/15/2014 sicherheit
04/14/2014 hacker0803
03/20/2014 Dainslef
02/19/2014 TheBadger Helping out others deffo gets a +1 :)
Karma Given
08/30/2016 divmtr

the lockbox hack is broken quit bringing it up

08/28/2016 CuriousGeorge81

not reading about the information before posting

08/28/2016 mamboking0

didnt read mod post

08/23/2016 tinkerbell

thanks for the break down

08/17/2016 Ahssherder

very good hack "never lose"

08/07/2016 fathead

great analysis of the summer sale

08/06/2016 macaister

do not post videos

08/06/2016 fathead

for the detailed faiza explaination

08/05/2016 athosabreu13


08/04/2016 mimikos

you ignored directions from the mod

07/14/2016 athosabreu13

if you read the forum you would know it isnt working now

07/14/2016 Sankar99

post is off topic

07/02/2016 jarly

epic infos right here!

03/05/2016 jarly

both for the directory entry and the detailed explanation about how to spy out future releases

03/04/2016 Shehzil

read before posting

03/04/2016 jarly

thanks again!

03/04/2016 jarly

thanks for helping!

01/27/2016 rishabh_kr432

because you are an idiot.

01/22/2016 Ahssherder

this helps greatly appreciated!

01/22/2016 Druzzle

thanks for keeping us updated!

01/05/2016 Ahssherder

thx for this help 2/2

01/05/2016 Ahssherder

for helping the noobs 1/2

12/12/2015 davmaha

this is an awesome bypass it rox

09/01/2015 marvelmarvel

quit putting the same post in multiple forums

08/23/2015 xaxaxa12

noob posts are removed

08/22/2015 maverrick103

quit dredging up old topics

05/25/2015 devilhunt3r

posting false information

05/18/2015 fathead

for once again providing solid solutions to perplexing problems!

05/17/2015 Shandtsuky

+1 for the macro idea

03/06/2015 longkaka

posting in the wrong thread

02/22/2015 Badgertastic3

repped for the opera+KHUT find!

01/16/2015 jarly

Sharing MAA XMLs

11/28/2014 helgod1 winning pvp strategy!
09/07/2014 jarly Free gold for MAA thanks for sharing!
08/23/2014 abuu good link, and info!
05/05/2014 unstable.82 for posting video faq
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