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[Request] Anime Ninja hack
Anime ninja, an Asian time-based server for Unlimited Ninja. You could refer to . Or the wikia, .
Anime Ninja hack Posted on: 11/15/2015 9:13am
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If i could get the one x2, 4 multiplier for (adjustable) damage, health, silver (money that can be collected), coupon (use to buy special item at mall , can be gained from normal play, daily task, but in minute quantity) ,it will be very appreciated.

If silver (coin that can be collected) alone is enough.

Another currency is GOLD, which is purchased with money first.

Unlimited stamina would also be nice.

I have previouosly make a mistake by using all my 4k gold for an event, where i misread the content. I think that being in top100 is enough to obtain the special pet, but there are special condition for the pet, which is to have 700 skull.

RE: Anime Ninja hack Posted on: 03/01/2016 9:26pm
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I think that the anime ninja are all server side so it not really possible to hack with ce. But there is only one thing that could be hack. Its the number of times you did your daily task.

RE: Anime Ninja hack Posted on: 04/16/2016 2:52pm
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I think if the game is thoese online only ones you may as well give up. it very likely they have all the player data on the server side.

RE: Anime Ninja hack Posted on: 04/16/2016 8:49pm
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The Laziest Man on KongHack

i only got to the register screen before getting lazy and saying nevermind lol. sorry guys

but that screen reminds me of that adventure quest game from a long time ago, and it was easily hackable, so who knows. if it ends up being something like dream world or whatever the hell that mmo is, then pretty much everything is server sided and your out of luck.

it just depends on the game