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Call of Duty: Black Ops 05/22/2016
Call of Duty: Black Ops Posted on: 01/06/2016 6:25am
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I wrote a couple basic pointer-based CE tables, for use with BGamer's LAN Mod (it wraps the entire game, so I'm extremely doubtful it would work without it). I don't know how many people actually play it still, but if there's anyone here who does, I would quite appreciate the addition of MP health. Pointers won't work as changing the variable(s) doesn't do anything, but the base value for health is 100 (4 Byte), same as SP.

I'm also working on putting in an overlay so hotkeys for the cheats will notify the user when activated/deactivated. I'll post it here when it's done, if there's any interest.

SP Table
    Works for Campaign and Zombies. Includes ammo, health and points.
    Hotkeys: F1 to toggle ammo, F2 to toggle health, F3 to add 5k points (zombies), F4 to add 100k points (also zombies).
MP Table
    Works only in MP (only tested in combat training). Ammo only.
    Hotkeys: F1 to toggle ammo.

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bgamert5mp.ct 3.99 KB 273
RE: Call of Duty: Black Ops Posted on: 05/22/2016 8:39pm
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Oh nice, had a backlog of COD games and this was third on the list, starting play next weekend, will try this out for sure