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MMORPG (Private Server)
EX-Dragonica Posted on: 01/12/2016 6:25am
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Hi everyone, this is a MMORPG called Dragonica aka Dragon Saga, this one here is a Private Server though.

Im requesting Hacks for this Game, for the Private Server one of course, the Server has no Antihack Protection and can be manupulated with Cheat Engine if someone knows how to modify via memory edit/AoB.

  • attackspeed AoB/Trainer (this is possible but im not good with pointers)

I hacked the attackspeed, but when entering a new room/portal , the values go backto normal, so i want it to stay perma.

The Link to the Game's Site :  http://ex-dragonica.com/

Please, could somebody make a Trainer/AoB for this?

Thanks for reading and for your efforts in Advance.

RE: EX-Dragonica Posted on: 01/12/2016 12:03pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

not gonna waste time in a don quixote adventure. RE/patch old client to be able to log back in or check what's different with pre 4.0 and 4.0 . odds you'll still be able to pull dupe off

RE: EX-Dragonica Posted on: 01/12/2016 2:32pm
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Hmm interesting :)

Do you know how the Dupe works for the pre-patch?
Would be cool if you could share it, if you know.