[Help] Scan Problems
Auto scan and Manual scans don't work
Scan Problems Posted on: 01/24/2016 8:06pm
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So, i've downloaded recently that Ultra Konghack Trainer, after installation, i've runned it. everything went fine, i've also runned in Chrome Web browser The Last Stand: Dead Zone on Kongregate, but when i clicked on button of Auto Scan it showed nothing, but the blank window, then i decided to search it manually, but when i entered Chrome in search bar, it hasnt showed anything... so whats the problem?

RE: Scan Problems Posted on: 01/24/2016 8:42pm
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"Chrome" isn't what you'd manually search for.  The manual search is for the game you're looking to hack.  For chrome, click the process list, then flash/unity based on the game you're playing.

Also, this doesn't go in admin > help.  Moving to the correct area.

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