[Help] Necro-ing, or creating a new topic?
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Necro-ing, or creating a new topic? Posted on: 02/21/2016 4:36pm
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Hey guys, 

So I was browsing game threads when I noticed a few of them were really old, so I wondered. Should I necro that thread or create a new one? I actually don't know, can anyone tell me? I know necro-ing is against the rules, but creating a thread that already exists is a bit useless.

Also, this is my first post, have I broken any rules?

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RE: Necro-ing, or creating a new topic? Posted on: 02/21/2016 10:39pm
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Unless you're actually adding to what's there, just create a new topic.  Replying to old shit with "thanks" or "doesn't work" or some other non-constructive garbage doesn't fly.

You're doing good. :D

Everything's coming up KongHack!

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