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Magic Duels 04/07/2016
Magic Duels Posted on: 02/29/2016 1:33pm
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Looking for literally any cheat for the game, speedhack confirmed works offline...the game seems to have the same "iap" that bloons td 5 has with the monkey money, it's version is just coins. I can get the value to freeze but not to allow the purchase or unlocking of cards. Basically is the unlocking of cards server sided? i don't even know...the game is free on steam by the way.

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RE: Magic Duels Posted on: 04/07/2016 1:24pm
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Ali213 trainer did work just fine for SP purposes, but now with the new OGW/SOI update released on the 6th of April, it stopped working at all.

I'm still actively searching to pinpoint the new AoBs, but so far I wasn't able to create a single generalized AoB to modify health, given the multiple adresses that write in that memory region.

Those damn adresses show different bytes in their AoBs.

I'll keep trying.
Ali hasn't updated anything so far, and any help would be fancy to avoid dying of boredom against that recurring RNG AI.