[Request] Stick Empires
Here is the game: www.stickempires.com
Stick Empires Posted on: 03/05/2016 8:55pm
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I tried using a Cheat Engine to hack it, but it says that it has lost the sync to the server, or something like that. I would very much appreciate it if there could be a possible way to have it hacked through this.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my request. I appreciate it. Here is some info on the game if you are interesting.

Stick Empires is a strategy game. It takes place after Stick Wars 1 and 2. It is a multiplayer game. 

Once again, thank you!

RE: Stick Empires Posted on: 03/06/2016 8:28am
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TIM the Enchanter
Level: 1
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Feel like providing a link?

Everything's coming up KongHack!

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RE: Stick Empires Posted on: 03/06/2016 5:09pm
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Oops, sorry! Here: www.stickempires.com