[Request] Winning Putt
Winning Putt Posted on: 05/15/2016 4:11pm
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A couple months back there was a gold exploit in the game where players were accumulating billions of gold. I've heard that because the game is in open beta, they've yet to add any anti-cheat. I'm hoping some of you bright and talented ones will be able to have a go at this one. The download is around 3gb if you're up for the challenge.

I'd love it if one could find a way to calculate where your ball will go based on wind and terrain; especially useful when putting.
I found that cheat engine works well when powering up your shot. Just set the speed hack to somewhere around 0.4 and it's easy shots.

Thank you guys!

RE: Winning Putt Posted on: 05/16/2016 6:54am
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Oh, hey...

3 Gigabytes? Meh, not as huge as the other games I have on my PC. By the way I'll check this out. I'm pretty low on games to download, so I might download this one :)

RE: Winning Putt Posted on: 05/16/2016 2:24pm
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Sweet thanks.

RE: Winning Putt Posted on: 08/10/2016 8:35am
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Smoshi - when using cheat engine, which process do you select? So many to choose from! Thanks.