[Request] Chime Clicker
LOL themed clicker
Chime Clicker Posted on: 07/24/2016 8:39pm
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Back with another clicker as i seem to find more and more this one is LOL theamed im sure someone would be happy to see it


RE: Chime Clicker Posted on: 07/25/2016 1:47am
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

actual ingame footage. lolwat

RE: Chime Clicker Posted on: 07/25/2016 9:10pm
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haha what? im confused why it looks that way

RE: Chime Clicker Posted on: 07/26/2016 7:44am
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I'm pretty sure that you could just use cheat engine and hack it without the need of konghack hackers though unless that it's actually cheat protected

RE: Chime Clicker Posted on: 07/26/2016 4:08pm
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Hm, the game does not seem to be in the database yet. So here goes:

  1. Make sure you select the correct frame or play directly at http://chimeclicker.lol.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/
  2. All the games variables are available under window.SCOPE.game
  3. To change gold for instance just try something like window.SCOPE.game.gold = 1e50 to get a lot of gold.
  4. To find all available vars just enter window.SCOPE.game and inspect the object some more.