[Request] EZPZ RPG
Massive Idle rpg game.
EZPZ RPG Posted on: 08/29/2016 4:43pm
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Hello to everyone who comes across my little post,

My request is to look into the possibilities of hacking this games currency, resources, sockets, craft points, cred, jewel levels, wing level, player level, item level, gear upgrade level, etc etc etc ( its massive i will provide screenshots if requested )

Edit: If crafting could be hacked that would be OP, gear sets item are made up out of 20 shards per item. the craft button is unlocked but it denies the item based on your shards counter, if that could be skipped :D OMG crafting on 1 shard :drooling:
Almost same for crafting relics but they need cred and craft points.

This is the original link to the Google app store:

The official forum:

And a bunch of liers who claim they can fo a better job than you!:

I've been playing and paying this game for over a year and its amazing, if only i could match its amazingness with some help.

im new here and this is my first new post so i hope this is what you would expect from a request.
Any help and or would be awesome!
Ty. S 

RE: EZPZ RPG Posted on: 08/30/2016 11:04am
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The Laziest Man on KongHack

considering r2games made it, i will assume its an online mmo thats a pain in the ass to hack. this almost automatically shuts down any kind of basic value hacking (aka health, currency, levels, etc.) and since its an mmo, making any kind of hack at all will be very tedious and time consuming. the most likely bet is exploiting a core game mechanic of some sort, like fighting or gathering or whatever. but dont get your hopes up. depending on how much code and what kind is in the apk, there might be dozens of hacks, or none at all.

most of us wont touch mmo's but if you're lucky, somebody like zenwaichi or kolonel kadat might give it a try for you.