Points stuck at -99.31
Points stuck at -99.31 Posted on: 09/10/2016 4:16pm
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I just redeemed my acc after 2 years inactivity. No to get banned immedately i checked random game so see if hacks worked and voted on those. Got 20 points added but "My points" still says -99.31. Did i do smth wrong or is there delay before updating points?

EDIT: And it immediately fixed itself when i posted this topic ... fml

RE: Points stuck at -99.31 Posted on: 09/10/2016 7:00pm
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Coming back from a ban leaves things a little shaky.  The nightly cron takes care of any calculations not done immediately.  Back when I built this site, we were on some shitty hardware that was way over priced, so some things, like mass votes via the trainer of what have you, are a tad delayed in appearing.  There's a nightly cron that runs ~2am EST that cleans up in the event things need to be cleaned, all in the namesake of providing a faster user experience.  With the new hardware we're on, that could be done away with, but there's a shit load required to make that happen, like the KHv3 rewrite.

Everything's coming up KongHack!

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