[Information] sas 4 zombie assault
SAS4: Stack or hack?
sas 4 zombie assault Posted on: 10/10/2016 4:41am
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hey yall

so i heard about stacking and i found out i like it a lot. great way to SP nightmare mode.

but i really dig the fun found with increased spawn rate hack...  plus im working on masteries...

which lead me to hack a stacked game...
im sure i screwed up the order of operation, OR this just aint possible..

so i start firefox and go to the game.
at PLAY screen i start KHUT
choose game choose firefox
back to game
hit play
choose private nightmare and select map
new tab
join game etc till stack done

back to 1st tab..
start game
kill all tabs but last

game on

but i failed.
i got the stack and not the hack.

if anyone can tell me how to do this right i will pull bong hits in your honor


RE: sas 4 zombie assault Posted on: 10/10/2016 6:53am
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It is possible. That's how I leveled up from level 1 to 70 in a few days :) 

However, you should not play this in the nightmare mode. There is an alloy limit, that causes auto ban. If you play a X4 nm with spawn rate increase, there is a big chance you will hit that 2400 alloy pick up and get an auto ban. 

However, normal MP in X2 boosted, smaller level players, smaller spawn rate hack (X20) does help you.

1, Open tab, start the game and then create the lobby.

2, Open another tab, start game and wait  until it loads. Then launch KHUT. Now there are two ways to apply hack:
- First, Autoscan. If it shows up, select the last/second tab that offers. Select hack and 'Apply'.
- Second, select the game manually. Go to screen processes and hit search. It always selects you the active tab, many times even "jump to it", showing which process you are about to apply the hack at.
Hit start and close any other than the last one. This should help you to get a solo boosted game with applied hacks

RE: sas 4 zombie assault Posted on: 10/10/2016 3:35pm
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Oh, hey...

Just load all tabs then apply the hacks you want. Then use the tab that loaded last.

Just make sure you're on the menu, or they probably won't work.

RE: sas 4 zombie assault Posted on: 10/10/2016 8:19pm
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Great advice guys, i got it to work.

just had a match that was a ton of fun, targets everywhere, and it went to MP kill stat instead of SP.

totally cool.

thanks for the help