[Request] Facebook gameroom?
Does/can Kong trainer work with FB gameroom?
Facebook gameroom? Posted on: 02/01/2017 2:18pm
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Any chance kong trainer will be working with facebook gameroom?

RE: Facebook gameroom? Posted on: 02/02/2017 3:04am
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TIM the Enchanter
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WTF is facebook gameroom?

If it runs on your PC, KHUT works with it.

Note: Moving to the Facebook Forum, since the KHUT forum is for KHUT issues, not requesting fucking hacks.

Everything's coming up KongHack!

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RE: Facebook gameroom? Posted on: 02/02/2017 11:17am
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My bad, I thought every one was familiar with facebook. This more of a question rather than a hack request, I think I miscorrectly labelled it.