[Information] The pirate Caribean hunt
workable cheat
The pirate Caribean hunt Posted on: 05/22/2017 4:12pm
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Workable for 7.2 ver (actual).
way to get tonns of gold:
1) get some base
2) have some (1k-2k) gold
3) build some money bringing building (store, inn)
4) track that building level on CheatEngine
5) change level value to 99999.... so big as you want? but lesser than 9999999999
6) wait 1 InGame week 
7) profit.
8) after you get your tonns of gold, set all values to normal for avoid multiplayer ban

RE: The pirate Caribean hunt Posted on: 05/26/2017 2:26am
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A1 to A0 architect.

Thanks, this works.

atdt *67