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Making a Quest submitting AoB
Dead End St. Posted on: 09/05/2017 11:29am
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Hello fellow hackers. I've ran into a problem when trying to make an AoB. In my attempt to get ArmorGames quests, I started copying the submitting AoB and inject them somewhere in a common used code, like upgrades menu. 
I can't seem to understand this one though and how to do it.

This is the respective quest that I want to get

this.AddAchievement("achievement32","Completionist!","Earn all stars","",75,0,"quest_2",true);
And this is the code that submits the quest, I think..

var _loc6_:int = Model.Instance().GetStarsEarned();
         if(_loc6_ > 0)
            _loc9_ = this.GetAchievement("achievement32");
            _loc9_.currentProgress = _loc6_;
            _loc1_ = _loc9_.currentProgress;
            _loc2_ = _loc9_.required;
            ArmorGamesAPI.Instance().UpdateQuest(_loc9_.apiID,_loc1_ / _loc2_);

What I'd like to do is to take the last UpdateQuest part and modify it to submit the exact amount of stars required.
I dont really understand those variables and what they do.
Can you give me a hand? Thanks


RE: Dead End St. Posted on: 09/05/2017 11:55am
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From what I read, all you would need to do would be to pass the number 1 to the 2nd argument of the function
It would look something like this:

The explanation for this is that _loc1_ is the current progress, presumably stars or whatever. Lets say _loc1_ is equal to 23, and _loc2_ is how many stars are needed for said quest. Lets say _loc2_ equals 50. 

_loc1_ / _loc2_ = % of quest complete 
    23   /    50     = 46% of quest complete
           1            = 100% of quest complete

Hope this helped :)

RE: Dead End St. Posted on: 09/05/2017 1:05pm
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Unfortunately the game didnt call this function often and I probably had to play the whole game.
I simply edited the first array I pasted by lowering 75 - the required no. of stars to something else.

But dont worry, your info will help me greatly in my future hacks.
Thank you Simple