[Request] Anygames worth playing?
RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 11/19/2017 3:38pm
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Dead Space 3
Need For Speed 
or CSGO lmao

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 11/22/2017 2:00pm
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Warframe is now the perfect game. (At least for me)

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 11/23/2017 10:47am
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Not a clicker game but pretty much the same its a idle one
try squid ink
cute squid plus frequent update and still more content coming

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 11/24/2017 4:03am
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You should try out Rainbow Six Seige.

gmod, shellshock live, pubg, dirty bomb Posted on: 11/24/2017 4:41pm
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gmod, shellshock live, pubg, dirty bomb

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 11/24/2017 5:13pm
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Try fallout 3,NV,4 for single player with mods from nexus and bethedsa net. For multiplayer try dying light.

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 11/24/2017 8:09pm
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Pixels Filling Squares is a surprisingly entertaining idle game.

(Until I erased months of progress because I unthinkingly cleared all my cookies and history. Kinda gave up on it after that.)

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 11/24/2017 9:56pm
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If you haven't played Skyrim yet, you're missing out on the RPG of the decade.
If you have a toaster, Terraria is the best option.

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 12/01/2017 1:20am
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I'm currently enjoying Hand of Fate. A very interesting card/action game.
I would also agree with the Skyrim and Fallout recommendations (great games with a ton of replay value)

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 12/02/2017 8:32pm
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SAS Zombie Assault 4 is a great game to use KongHack on because with the hacks provided, it makes the game more fun and interesting, so feel free to check it out some time!

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 05/19/2018 7:04am
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It depends on what you want, i play most game genres but for casual games and stuff like that ive enjoyed city skylines as well as stardew valley and terraria, Non of those are free but relatively cheap plus you could cop them on a sale too since the sumer sale is coming up. For an RPG id recomend Trove its a freemium game with a pretty big list of classes to play and its one of those endless grind games if you are into those ive spent close to 500 hours on it since ive started. Other games id recomend that arent FPS games are as someone mentioned earlier skyrim and hotline miami if you are into a brids eye view shooter type of game.

Thats every thing i have to say and recomed so yeah thats that.

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RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 05/19/2018 7:26pm
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There are a few that came with Twitch Prime that I really enjoyed, like Tokyo 42 and High Hell. They're both shooters about drugs. Tokyo 42 is top-down and has an interesting story. High Hell is first person and good for wasting time, but it won't really do anything for your life.

Oxenfree is an amazing story-driven side-scrolling semi-horror rpg walking simulator (and if you think that's too many hyphenated terms, you're wrong) if you're not looking for gameplay so much as an emotional rollercoaster. The studio that made Oxenfree is also working on another, similar game called Afterparty, where you're in hell with your best friend and you have to out drink Satan.

Borderlands is my favorite franchise of all time, and if you've never played any of them, I strongly recommend that you do so immediately.

Dishonored and Bioshock are also up there, and both are definitely well worth your time.

Little Big Planet is a lot of (mostly) non-violent fun. It's a 2.5D platformer that has both a campaign and a very large supply of community-made levels. It's basically Super Mario Maker but with fewer restrictions and way more character customization.

With the exception of co-op Borderlands, Little Big Planet, and Bioshock 2's multiplayer, all of the games I've mentioned are single player. If you're looking to have some fun with friends, go for some good ol' TF2 (in spite of the now awful matchmaking).

Edit: Read further than the title of the thread and found a lot of info that makes a lot of what I said useless to you. Sorry about that. I will recommend a few more things, though: Transistor and Bastion. They're both pretty cheap, pretty fun, very interesting, very very good, and accompanied by my personal favorite soundtracks for anything ever. 

One more thing: The Adventure Zone. It's not a game, but it sounds like it's everything you're looking for. It's a D&D podcast hosted by three brothers and their dad that, over the 69 episodes of season one, will put you through every human emotion (but mostly joy).

did you leave the stove on?

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 05/21/2018 3:31pm
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If you want crafting games why not try Crashlands? It is fun filled with hilarious VO's and art.. MUst try if you like minecraft and terraria :)

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 05/21/2018 11:16pm
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Invest some time into Space bound.

RE: Anygames worth playing? Posted on: 05/24/2018 7:12am
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any game worth playing lets see bruh i played sas zombie assault 3 4 alot its fun also a few on ninja kiwi its really nice to play why dont u go there and see if any of the game matches u