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[Request] Idle Fight
Idle Fight is gaem

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Idle Fight

Idle Fight is gaem
Last Updated: 11/06/2017 20:58

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Idle Fight Posted on: 11/02/2017 11:13pm
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Can we get some hacks for Idle Fight?
Seems like a pretty easy game to hack however i havent been able to find the Gold and other stuff anywhere (Could be possible im just not using the right process considering Google Chrome opens up like 50 bazillion of them per webpage u have open).
Just looking for the standard hacks, Gold Hack, Fortune Hack, reputation, Spirit, etc.

*Unrelated Sidenote (plz dont hate me for posting it here) what is with Google Chrome and CE's Speedhack? Hasnt worked for me in forever and everything ive looked up on how to fix it didnt work for me.

Thanks for your time,

RE: Idle Fight Posted on: 11/06/2017 8:58pm
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Chrome, for some reason, doesn't allow the injection of the speed hack anymore. It's been that way for quite a while now. I think it has something to do with .dll injection, but can't remember off the top of my head. There are plugins for CE that force inject, which makes things like speedhack and certain otherwise blocked stealthedit functions work. I'm not the best at this stuff yet; still learning. My attempt to use the force injection plugin I found was not so successful, it caused some crashing/freezing. One method, with games like this which have export saves (long streams of characters that you can export and then import to regain save data) is to take your save export from Chrome, open an internet explorer window and import the game there, and CE will have no problem speedhacking there. Then, if you prefer to play in Chrome, you can export the gains from IE and import back to your game in Chrome.

Another helpful tip is that actual string of characters that is your save game for export/import. They are usually pretty simple base64 data that contains the information about your save. You can use an online base64 converter to translate the string to various formats; text, decimal, hex, etc. Usually, one of them will make sense. You can then edit the values there, convert back to base64, then use it as an import. Note: always keep a back-up in a notepad of your original string, just in case you mess up the edit. Wouldn't want to import an errored string and have to start all over from zero over a silly mistake!

I've got idle fight running idle (ha ha) right now while I'm off working. I'll put some work into trying to find the values methods later when I'm not busy. It doesn't seem to be secure in anyway, like Idle Ants, for instance, where the values are server-side and linked in. The most common methods of hiding values are (value*8) and (value *8+6). I'll check into it later. Til then, happy fighting!