[Request] Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters
Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters
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Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters

Last Updated: 12/20/2018 09:17


Monster Crusher

  Defeat 100 monsters

"To Haelezael and Back"

  Defeat Haelezael on level 50

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A social multiplayer incremental idle rpg with clans, PvP arenas, a wonderful 3d fantasy world with a story/missions and much more.
RE: Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters Posted on: 07/25/2018 2:12pm
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It seems that loophole with damage covered. Damage can still be changed, but the game begins to lose connection with the server after 30-60 seconds. broken heart
Vulnerability to scripts on the farm still exists, judging by the forum. But to find about this nothing happened. There is someone who is versed in Java and webgl.

RE: Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters Posted on: 08/01/2018 9:43pm
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Has anyone check if this 1.05 hack still works , or has anyone saved the 40 or so values to a save file . Doing the above instructions now gives like millions of results but maybe doing that wrong.

RE: Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters Posted on: 08/24/2018 4:52pm
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I recently tried to use the 4bytes, and find that "works" with level of heroes, but sadly, only for image (when found and change hero level, it change the number on the hero level, but not the DPS of the hero).....
Same for numbers of items ( and, it dont give any scan result in Double )

1.05  never works, here, sadly.


It works, now (i'm on Firefox).

I just needed to do a DR to get the bonus from the "upgrade" (angel) of the *1.05 skill.

Searching for 1.050000000000 → always (for me) find 41 adress → put all down → change them all to 2500 or 25000 → Do a DR → Put the 41 values back to 1.05 to avoid deconnection from server.

After, i enjoy and profit ! :D

RE: Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters Posted on: 09/05/2018 2:49pm
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still disconnect after trying to go above the current maximum level. Return values 1.05 back does not help.
Can someone suggest a way around the disconnect?

RE: Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters Posted on: 09/14/2018 9:02am
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When i did have this working before yes using Time Travels was easily able to avoid that problem by activating before fully loaded up the game client so 1.05 etc while loading . Anyways yes like i said before now gameroom gives me over a million hits if i try to search 1.05 and yes with all the other numbers also the same here guess yes really need to try the firefox version unless i guess someone does save the 40 searches and provide the save file via links here. 

RE: Dungeon Crusher: Soul Hunters Posted on: 12/20/2018 9:17am
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Arglak Posted on: 02/11/2018 8:45am


There are filelist. To get filename, add "/filename" to it. EG https://soulhunters.beyondmars.io/remote_files/craft.recipes.csv.txt and so on,
There are mostly csv.txt files (comma separated values) and few xml's. Files encrypted by unknown algorithm and after that wrapped in base64.

I tried to disassemble mobile version of game, but not succeeded, Even found "get_isDiscovered" method for recipes and modded it to always return true. But it did not worked. And I can't understand any encryption methods, because it was my first time working with assembly.

There are zip with original mobile version lib file (libil2cpp.so) and il2cpp dump with all method names and hex offsets. Maybe you will be able to find something there. To disassemble better use IDA.

Nice find! I don't have the time to hack and slash at any of the values, but I may be able to help push you, or someone else in the right direction. The files are, as you say, csv (comma separated values) but on opening them, there's obviously no ASCII commas. Some info you didnt post: the prefix data before the file, i.e. 


for example. "crc32 is a "cyclical redundancy check, 32 bit. md5 is a message-digest algorithm which produces a 128-bit hash. the C826D3FD is obviously hex, and the 5fd2....et.al is a hash. I'd bet that utilizing this information is key to decrypting the contents. ;)