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Immortal Hero Idle

Last Updated: 06/25/2018 16:04

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Immortal Hero Idle Posted on: 06/25/2018 4:04pm
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i just added some info on how to hack the talent points in this game but that math is kinda difficult. it was originally found by Cooleko on the cheat engine forums where i made a thread asking about this game years ago (forgot about it i decided to try this game again earlier today).

plus, the results of that math tend to end as "vale.something" so it's also not all that accurate. i don't even know how to do fraction math like that very well so i just went and copy/pasted it into google after replacing "~Talent exp" with my current number of talent points and putting a "?" after the "=".

i managed to find the value 1 time and change it successfully but then it changed when i killed a monster and got more talent points and...lost the value.

combo % is easy, that's just a simple float value (i went by that to figure out which firefox process to hack) but this is a bit beyond my lvl of skill with cheat engine. maybe one of you guys here could come up with something better like an AoB or something.

edit: this math makes no sense! i had the value the other day and it WAS a float value and the same firefox process as the "combo %" value so why is cheat engine unable to find it today?

i THINK (not entirely sure, i need to check and make sure) the talent point value starts at 329 = 0 and increases in .3 increments for each point you gain... um... yeah.

0 - 329
1 -329.3
2 - 329.6
3 - 329.9
4 - 3230.2

and so on.

maybe if i do a hard refresh of the page (ctrl+F5) and try again? ok, so hard reset of the save file and page to reset the value to 329... nothing. i did a scan of 329 float while at 0 talent points and got nothing.

i found what i assume to be the talent progress value but the math results don't match up correctly. i have no idea why this won't work anymore. does the math formula change somehow at some point?