[Information] I started reversing SAS4 Steam Version
Hacking NinjaKiwi bullshit
I started reversing SAS4 Steam Version Posted on: 08/29/2018 3:02pm
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KissMyWeapons - Professional Flash Hacker :D

Hello, I just started reversing SAS4 (steam version).

Right now i can get any items by hooking function (frida framework), the good idea is to understand how the profile.save is created, on the Mac version, it's a function called NKJson, i remember that sas4 (flash bullshit version) stored the save game as a HUGE Json object, so it was possible to modify everything then import the modified json object (making it like a save restore with your hacked stuff).

It seem that the PC version has some debug left-over, before on the sas4 debug client that we had downloaded from the staging website of NK (sas4nein) there was all the debug features (green button) as i seen, right now there are a lot of trace of those feature on the steam version of sas4 but can't tell if it's really implemented.

Hacking in-app purchase and making the result return "OK" (0) or something else that would make the purchase be hacked would probably work... but i believe it's a waste of time, since i can already get any armor/weapon on demand, the thing is that profile.save is the best thing to reverse... but the most annoying thing lol.

For the people that want to extract the game config.csv (many values affect the gameplay/loot, certain are disabled and not working comparing to the flash version ! like, you cannot add/modify the starting items on character creation on the mobile/steam version, but it work on the flash version).

Here is the password for data.jet (ZipCrypto password) "Q%_{6#Px]]" They are so retarded that it take 2s to get it, a shame that they didn't even change that password when they made the PC-Steam version !

If you modify the variables in config.csv be sure to re-update the archive with ZipCrypto and put the password again (otherwise when the game will try to decompress it will crash).

It's also very good to note that every assets/sounds are here, and their .xml make it possible to read all animations very easy, which mean someone crazy enough could clearly take their assets and make a small 2D topdown game using sas4 assets, obviously stealing assets isn't a solution and is only for education/testing purpose =D.

Cya around, maybe some people are hacking this game too ?

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SAS 4 Posted on: 10/25/2018 8:00pm
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I am on a high school macbook, and since its managed, doing pretty much anything is dang near impossible, so I have to use anything on the appstore that is free, and using the app Decompressor only allows you to decrypt it (via encryption password). 
Could you please help me find a way to recrypt it, mind you only using the MacBook appstore?

anything would help!

Also, where is the player data stored, and if you have a cracked SAS 4 character profile file; level 100, it would be amazing to show how you do it, or the file that does it!


RE: I started reversing SAS4 Steam Version Posted on: 10/27/2018 3:05am
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A1 to A0 architect.

Awesome. Thanks Nightshades. The data.jet method works beautifully on Windows Steam version

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