[Request] Idle Skiller
Idle Skiller
Idle Skiller Posted on: 10/13/2018 3:04pm
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Tried Kong Games Process and Flash Process
Tried Double and 4Byte on gold. Nothing 
Any ideas? Gems would be awesome, but AP, H20, gold, ore, forge charges, anything else.

RE: Idle Skiller Posted on: 10/16/2018 12:09am
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Hey there! I've found that gold and skill xp (both primary and secondary skills) are doubles. HOWEVER, you'll find that whenever the value changes, the address changes. So the trick is to get them to a very precise value that's not common either (so no 0, 1, 2, 8, etc.), so you have fewer addresses. If you get several addresses back, I'd recommend changing the current value of gold or skill XP to see which address of the discovered addresses starts randomly changing value. Use the knowledge of the range of that address to help guide you make the right choice on your new search for the same value. It takes a little trial and error, but once you land it you can set them to ridiculous values and be happy.

As an added note, the gold can be set to ultra-high values, but it will only display as high as 999999T. 

I'm afraid I've had no luck with gems, candies, tickets, trophies, etc. using this method, but the giant gold and skill boosts really help make getting everything else a lot easier.

RE: Idle Skiller Posted on: 10/17/2018 8:39am
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looks like it uses root variables, there's a guide on them here: https://konghack.com/topic/2635-sticky_hacking_root_variables_with_cheat_engine