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Press the button

Help With hack
Last Updated: 02/03/2020 09:59

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Do you like red buttons? There are 17 in this game, but you need to find them all. Click your way out! And it is possible to beat the last level
Press the button Posted on: 03/30/2019 1:38am
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HI, this is my first request and all i want is for someone to find a way to hack time crystals and gobocoins. Thanks!

herers the link to the game: https://www.kongregate.com/games/truefire/press-the-button

RE: Press the button Posted on: 04/08/2019 12:02am
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It needs process called plugin: shockwave flash

Time crystals are Double
Speedhack works too

RE: Press the button Posted on: 10/28/2019 3:14pm
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It's working pretty fine for me wish there was more to do but other than that everything is 100%. Lovely game to play in my spare time.

RE: Press the button Posted on: 02/03/2020 9:59am
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So, I tried using Cheat Engine to find values, and none of it seems to work anymore with the disappearence of the Plugin Container. I have tried to find values of 4 Bytes & Double straight (1x), the old flash standard (8x), and the unique code ({8x+1} & {8x*8+6}). Is there something I am missing? I had the right process, it just felt as if the values were no longer actually read by the object in question.

Addendum : I found out it was because of Firefox & Waterfox. I opened the game in Microsoft Edge & could edit the values just fine. It seems that the Plugin Container being merged with Firefox caused issues with finding values in this particular SWF Game.