[Request] Idle Hamlet
Looking for more moon lens's
Idle Hamlet
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Idle Hamlet

Looking for more moon lens's
Last Updated: 04/28/2019 16:57

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This has nothing to do with Shakespeare#39s work. You#39re the founder of this run-down village, and there are monsters who#39re out for your blood. But hey, at leas...
Idle Hamlet Posted on: 04/08/2019 5:53am
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I've already got the other cheats but I need more moon lens's

RE: Idle Hamlet Posted on: 04/14/2019 2:18am
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Couldn't figure out how to get moon lens's directly. So I just found the timer for the mail you get every 6 hours. Just find the seconds and look for 4Bytes in CE. Set it 0, get new mail, set it to 0, get new mail - stack all 5 then do a new search: look for 5, then use 1, look for 4, and so on until you find it. Set value to 5 and freeze it, then set an autoclicker on it so it steadily opens new mail and you get at least 1 moon lens every time.
Of course you get other random stuff as well - so if you only want to find Moon Lens's... No idea. Guess you can use it at the beginning of awakening if you don't want to cheat too hard with the 4 hour boosts.
Not sure if it helps. O well.

RE: Idle Hamlet Posted on: 04/28/2019 4:57pm
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For moon lenses search for 8bytes unknown value, then changed/unchanged. MrAnderson method is very helpful with finding. Have fun.