[Request] Idle Pins
Looking for Derium h4x
Idle Pins
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Idle Pins

Looking for Derium h4x
Last Updated: 03/09/2022 14:23

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RE: Idle Pins Posted on: 03/11/2020 9:49am
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isengoethe Posted on: 03/04/2020 6:21am

Sometimes the one using the most cpu is not the correct one.

I close everything then open chrome (or firefox) and go the game.
Search for the process then test if it's the correct one.
Auto collect amount is easiest for me.
Once I have verified it is correct, I search Crysblood using Value Between, type Double.

a slightly easier way to find the correct process would be to
press "Shift + Esc"
Find the correct tab
Find subframe: https://Konggames.com/
Find the Process ID on the right (For me it is currently 24260 and it changes with every refresh I believe)
Type PID into a hex converter (the built in calculator in Windows 10 can do this as you can switch it to programmer in the drop down So I get 5ec4)
Then target the chrome process with that hex code

So in my example I would hit Shift+Esc, find my P.ID as 24260, use Programmer mode in my Calculator and get 5ec4, then target chrome process 00005ec4. Slightly faster than going through each one until you get it right. and if your tab DOESN'T have the proper subframe, I usually refresh, or close chrome and load the game back up. Or in some rare cases I usually just select the subframe using the most CPU or with the biggest Memory Footprint.

Various Hacks Posted on: 05/13/2020 5:28pm
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Apparently I have to have 5 posts before submitting "hacks". So.. is it ok if I just type it here?

TUNE bonus (Double)
The tune bonus % is a double. You just search for the percentage number: if it is 12.6% you search for 12.6 Double.
Be aware of the range, I don't know what happens if you break it, since when I tried I kept track of the highest value I got on a roll.

AUTOFUSE machinegun (Float)
I was able to track down the autofuse timer addresses, and by setting them all to the max value (10 if you have all upgrades), and blocking it, you can have it autofuse pretty much instantly.

RE: Idle Pins Posted on: 06/30/2020 6:20am
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Just tried to do the search for "Double 10" Cells and I can't find anything after the 1st or 2nd search and always end up with more than 2 results so I'm wondering if this has changed in some way possibly or maybe I'm just doing it wrong haha.

RE: Idle Pins Posted on: 03/09/2022 2:23pm
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Steam version.
have not 5 posts but have some hack for Leaders and autospawner timers
Have problems with english so take some copypaste from NGU

All times are in Float, and start counting from 0 and by seconds, eg.
10 sec, search for value between 5 to 15
1 min (60s), search for 50 to 70

Do a "Value in Between" search since the time displayed might have a slight differences.
And use pause as well, to make it easier.
Next, unpause it and search for "Increased Value".
U would find the address soon enough.

As for Leaders' timer, it started counting from 0.
Hence, if it's 59:00, 60 - 59 = 1 mins = 60 secs, go seach for 50 - 70.
After u found the addresses, lock it at 3600 (1 hour) or 7200 (2 hours ), then all Leaders will instant revive
in my case all timers was is last one in adresses list