[Help] KHUT on Adobe Flash Player Projector 32 debug
Am I attached a right process ??
KHUT on Adobe Flash Player Projector 32 debug Posted on: 09/23/2020 6:30am
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HI developers. I need information on how to use KHUT on Adobe Flash Player Projector 32 debug. Here's my step :
1. Login as usual in KHUT.
2. Open the game "Strike Force Heroes 3" with Adobe Flash Player Projector.
3. Attach process to "flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe"
4. Search games manually.
5. Select n AOB Hack. "ex. Free Slot Machine".
6. Hit "Apply Hack".
7. Result is Failed.

But, when I manually search using Cheat Engine, I can find, change it, and it work.
Am I attach a wrong process or this KHUT only work on Browsers (Chrome, Firefox,etc) ? There is no plugin-container.exe in my process list. Please Help ...

Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

i tried the hacks and they still work on the armor games version, if you downloaded the swf from the browser and the hacks work there they should work on the projector process too.

Have you tried using Projector instead and used KHUT pointed to Projector process ??

Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

yes just tried and it worked as expected, nothing special done