Help discovering new games
Help discovering new games Posted on: 09/28/2020 6:12pm
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Ubi Maior Minor Cessat

with kongregate having very few new games most of which being idles of questionable quality i am looking for other platforms that offer more and better quality games. Aside from steam do you know if there are other platforms/sites where games can be found? I am aware of but it has too many games and finding actual games instead of prototypes seems like too much effort. All suggestions are welcome

RE: Help discovering new games Posted on: 09/30/2020 7:45am
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The two names that pop into my mind are Armorgames (very similar in nature to Kong), and Newgrounds (uhm.. expect anything there).

RE: Help discovering new games Posted on: 10/12/2020 4:24pm
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As burrubu said, Armor and Newgrounds may be the way to go. Are you deliberately after browser games or are you willing to download etc.

As you mentioned steam, I assume you have looked at things like Epic (I know this is contreversial, but they do offer free games fairly regularly).

RE: Help discovering new games Posted on: 10/18/2020 9:14pm
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Check out alphabetagamer and gamejolt. However, you shouldn't look away from Steam imo. Publishing game on it is easier than ever (100$ free and thats it) tons of games gets published daily. You can find super cheap keys for indie and bundled games (I'm talking about like 0.04$ per game)