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Time Fcuk

Last Updated: 09/19/2012 02:29

Time Fcuk

Last Updated: 09/02/2010 16:23

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Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/17/2009 12:49am
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New game - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/511754

10 medals - 280 points

Sol edit will give you the four level medals - Level 9 - level 22- level 28. And probably the good ending and the bad ending (but i dont want to try them yet and get them too early)

All the voting ones have to be done legitly i think. I don't think an AOB hack would fix that because its a server thing. Similar to Kongai on kongregate I would think.

Submit a map is currently broken.

And what is "beat an explote campaign" ?

I will post a 4 sols for each medal if people ask for them. I don't want to bother in case everybody has ragnarok and is editing sol's there.
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/17/2009 3:26am
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Submit a Map (Memories) medal is fixed.
I have no idea what the hell is an explote campaign is. I'm thinking an Explore Campaign? I have no idea how many levels in Explore you need to play, though..
It also crashes Sothink decompiler for me.
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/17/2009 3:59am
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No real need for hax for this. 9 medals can be sol edited

Only medal you need to play for is the explore campaign one, where you need to click the bottom option, and play about 20 levels in a row.

You'll see a rectangle in the top right corner. Just wait until that square gets all the way around the rectangle and then you should get it.
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/18/2009 1:29pm
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Read next post lol
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/18/2009 9:27pm
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Yeah much easier to do this :

Right click voteArray with your left hand

Right hand pushs down, enter, enter.

This will add an empty array very fast. You can add 300 in no time. Don't bother to edit the array with 98 or 100. You can just leave it as 0.

+1? (broken image removed)

Edit: I just realized it would be alot easier if i just post the sol.


Click explore
Beat one level
Get medal
(broken image removed)??

Also i better get -1 for this...or else :evil: haha

stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/19/2009 2:11am
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Quote from: "xycho666"
Also i better get +1 for this...or else
Worked brilliantly thanks very much!

+ 1 coming your way! (broken image removed)
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/19/2009 4:10am
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Ha, shit, I actually did the manual work on mine to get that medal. Oh well, thumbs up.
But no +1, begging for AoBs multiple times a day scares me. Heehee :lol:
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/19/2009 2:31pm
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lol are you saying me asking for aob hacks for games daily scares you?
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/19/2009 4:17pm
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No, I just got a really angry rant from someone, the only time I asked for an AoB hack just in general, if it existed, I got a lot of angry words and how it's supposed to not be asked for and it's a last-resort kind of thing.
I've been scared and paranoid ever since. :lol:
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/19/2009 4:20pm
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lol ohhh you are afraid to ask somebody for an aob because somebody messaged you and said its not polite to ask for them? lol

I can't even count how many times i've asked deity for an AOB. Probably half the games hacked here haha. Hes a nice guy, he won't yell at you (broken image removed)
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/19/2009 6:26pm
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Nah sod that - I've got to do something to keep me sane... Most of the time it'll point me to a game I haven't even seen before -- and you never know I may even enjoy playing it.

The counter side though is that I'm running several projects at a time, so there may be delays in getting 'round to actually putting the time in to making the hack.

Also, I've got a crap memory so, erm... What was I saying?
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/19/2009 6:55pm
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I dunno, i was lost at "nah sod that" but the rest of it makes sense lol
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/28/2009 10:24pm
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Any ideas of an easy way to do the explore campaign - I also get about half way through then come across some unbeatable levels - is it just luck?
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 09/28/2009 10:38pm
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Yeah should just be luck man. I did it the 2nd day, so most of the people were just submitting levels where you fall right in the hole to get the "submit a map" medal.

Just remember every level is beatable and give it a few tries. If not, start again.
Re: Time Fcuk Posted on: 10/01/2009 12:58am
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Well, I made the mistake of not doing the Explore campaign early on when all the maps were instant wins. Now there's shit that takes a good 30 minutes per level, really hateful level creators. xD

Is there a way to make it so that I can skip (sleep) as many levels as I want? The default just lets you sleep through only two levels and that's it..