Bytecode tutorial [SAOB]
Bytecode tutorial [SAOB] Posted on: 03/13/2012 11:04pm
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Bytecode tutorial made by Simple_AOB

Lets say that you happen to have a code that is similar to

//24 02

as3_pushbyte 2

//24 03

as3_pushbyte 3

This is an array telling the game to pull the values 2 and 3 for some random action.

So you will use cheat engine to search for /24 02 24 03/ as an Array of Byte (Aob). If the array pulled out is the ammount of money, you might want to start with more, and since the highest As3 Pushbyte value is 127(7f), you'd put

/24 02 24 03/


/24 7f 24 7f/

This was a quick and hastely made tutorial for

Here's one that took me a couple more hours to make: