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Last Updated: 06/25/2013 07:29

Memohuntress (500 points)

Last Updated: 02/17/2012 16:38

Memohuntress - 15 pts. (new window)

The Last Place You Look

  Complete all 4 areas

Game Dscription
As a young girl, desperate to stop her parents from fighting, Sellar Dore ran away from home. Now, years later, she learns her village has been struck by disaster. Before she can face her home again, she’s going to need to raise the money to get there! “Misplaced something? I will find it!” – Sellar Dore, Item Huntress
Memohuntress Posted on: 03/14/2012 12:01am
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Foreign Fanservice

Badged. 1 Medium.

1 item to win a level

08 04 d2 12 05 00 00 d0
08 04 d2 12 00 00 00 d0

Click anywhere for an item

d3 46 ?? ?? 01 12 03 00 00 62 04
d3 46 ?? ?? 01 12 00 00 00 62 04

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RE: Memohuntress Posted on: 06/25/2013 7:29am
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click anywhere for an item AOB only seems to work for the first item on the list