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Last Updated: 05/05/2010 18:00

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Re: Sideways Posted on: 03/18/2010 8:46pm
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Quote from: "Phreneticus"
Code: [Select]
//96 02 00 08 09
_push "Death Medal"

but that's not how it should be. It has to look like this:

Code: [Select]
//?? ?? ??
as3pushstring "Death Medal"

You're confusing the 2 flavours of AS there: the first one is AS2, the second is AS3. AS2 is more dependent on the constant pool that is set up at the start of the sprite/frame so you can't always do a string switch on it (without editing the constant pool).
Re: Sideways Posted on: 05/05/2010 6:00pm
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Medal AOBs: (your AOBs have the wrong lenght, KH (broken image removed))
96 04 00 08 28 08 29 - Fall fast
96 04 00 08 09 08 0a - Just made it
96 04 00 08 02 08 08 - Hero
96 04 00 08 02 08 03 - Super Hero

For "Death Medal" and "500th Flip" there are like 4~5 different AOBs and all of them have the wrong lenght. Just use the given AOBs.

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