Cursed Treasure
Cursed Treasure
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Defense HTML5 Strategy Tower Defense

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Cursed Treasure

Last Updated: 10/12/2011 18:51

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Cursed Treasure, a free online strategy game brought to you by Armor Games. Protect your gems from being stolen by “good” heroes in this tower defense game. Overlord, you have all the power of orcs, undead and demons....
Cursed Treasure Posted on: 05/08/2010 2:01pm
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Pretty cool tower defense game, everything is 4Bytes *1. (broken image removed)

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Re: Cursed Treasure Posted on: 05/12/2010 6:36pm
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Would be nice if it were a bit more balanced, but it is an entertaining concept none the less.  I'd look forward to a sequel.
Re: Cursed Treasure Posted on: 10/12/2011 6:51pm
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