Ninja Katana

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Ninja Katana

Last Updated: 11/24/2010 20:01

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Game Dscription
Slice, Dice, and Destroy hordes of enemy ninjas in this all-out combo-fest! Enter Marseilles, a hired Ninja Assassin! Fight across 16 levels of progressively stronger ninjas as you upgrade your character to untold levels of greatness! With plenty of Sword/Blade weapons and Projectiles at your disposal, you can craft and create the perfect warrior! Features: - Achievements - Full Story Mode - Amazingly detailed animation and artwork - Wide Array of upgrades, weapons, and new techniques to learn! - Game guide
Ninja Katana Posted on: 09/30/2010 4:10am
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Re: Ninja Katana (0 pts atm) Posted on: 10/04/2010 12:08am
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Kunais don't disappear (Use this after first level)
96 04 00 08 01 08 00
96 04 FF 08 01 08 FF

You can use the kunais as a shield, but, don't over do it.

I'll look for more codes.  8-)
Re: Ninja Katana (0 pts atm) Posted on: 10/04/2010 6:40am
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For the combo medal:

Enemies are invincible (108 results, change all of them)
96 02 00 08 03 4e 0b
96 02 00 08 03 4e 0a

Just keep pressing "S" on the first stage and you'll get a pretty high combo.

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Re: Ninja Katana (0 pts atm) Posted on: 11/24/2010 8:01pm
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Medals have points now. Here is list of all medals:

Combo Greatness: Do 5 combo hit
Enviromentalist: Destroy 5 barrels
Awesomness: Do 10 combo hit
Outstanding Moves: Do 15 combo hit
Cold-Blooded Killer: Do 20 combo hit
Alchemist: Get all Jutsus
Weapons Aficionado: Get all weapons
Machinist: Kill 5 enemies using stage traps (kunai on ropes)

One more is broken

EDIT: To get insane ammount of ki points, stand close to guy and hold space until you have 20 combo hit and then let him go. 200 extra ki for combo will be added