Shift: Freedom!

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Shift: Freedom!

Last Updated: 01/09/2011 02:18

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In celebration of the release of SHIFT 2 for iPhone (found here ) SHIFT: Freedom is a new take on the Shift series and includes mini-games and a ton of mind bending puzzles. So get ready for the most challenging, longest version of a SHIFT game yet!
Shift: Freedom! Posted on: 01/09/2011 2:18am
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I did it to myself again... I don't know why I still play these games on sites other than Newgrounds. I should have known it would show up on NG eventually and get medals. I never learn...

12 medals worth 60 points total.

2c c8 20 - Inversionity
2c c9 20 - Chapter 1 Beat
2c ca 20 - Classic Champ
2c cb 20 - ShiftMaster
2c cc 20 - Slick Slider
2c cd 20 - Difference Domination
2c ce 20 - Pipe Puzzler
2c cf 20 - Boss Battler
2c d0 20 - Slider Beat
2c d1 20 - Diffotron Beat
2c d2 20 - PipeMaze Beat
2c d3 20 - Main Game Beat!