Dungeon Dice
Dungeon Dice
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Dice Dungeon RPG

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Dungeon Dice

Last Updated: 02/07/2011 07:06

Sorry, there are no badges available for this game.

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This is a small collab that my friend Joe and I started when I came back to Ohio for the holidays. It's nothing too special but hopefully it'll entertain you f...
Dungeon Dice Posted on: 01/11/2011 2:40am
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Five medals worth 45 points total.

2c ac 09 - Dice Apprentice
2c b1 09 - Green Key
2c b4 09 - Blue Key
2c b8 09 - Rusty Key
2c b9 09 - Dice Master
Re: Dungeon Dice Posted on: 02/07/2011 7:06am
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disgruntled old man
Enemy always takes damage:
5e ca 08 60 d0 08 61 ca 08
5e ca 08 60 ae 08 61 ca 08

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