How to use hacks
How to use hacks Posted on: 04/30/2011 12:32pm
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Greetings. Consider this as updated Hacking FAQ made by zhaoli

Also, i am sorry, but i wont use pictures.

Programs mentioned in this tutorial:
Cheat Engine 5.6.1 (higher is unstable):
.sol editor
Portable Sothink SWF Decompiler 5.0.Build 503: Search in google, i cant post Pirate software links

So, now that that is done, lets explain how to use all hacks that are on this site:
If you are using Internet Explorer, attach Cheat Engine process (the computer icon and choose process) to the second one. For Firefox users it is plugin_container.exe. I dont know about Chrome/Opera, so you will have to guess.

Hack type number 1. Basics
Hack subtype number 1: 4Bytes, 2Bytes, Double, Float
So, first of all, attach Cheat Engine (CE) to correct browser.

4Bytes hacks are quite simple, because you dont have to change Scan Type to anything and you only have to write correct value and hit search. Easy.

Problems arise when somebody mentions 4Bytes*8 or worse 4Bytes*8+6. Not so hard, but you will have to use brain a little. And calculator. It means that value that you want to find is stored as your value times 8 and possibly +6. When you find the value, you must change it in same way. Changing 800 to 799, which isnt dividable by 8 without decimals, results in crashing CE or CE and browser. Dont do it. Same rule applies to 4Bytes*8+6

Bit of a nerd talk: 4Bytes are integers, so their number varies between 0 and 4,294,967,295. I dont know limit of Cheat Engine numbers for integer, but you will be unable to search for too many numbers. Changing to negatives is highly improbable, CE doesnt allow it i think. Also, if you change value into value with many numbers, it will throw out some weird number. This is because it has limited number of numbers and wont allow you to change this. I think it is 9 or 8 numbers.

To search in Double, you have to change Scan Type to Double. To do so, under where you write is Scan Type. Click on it and select Double.

Doubles may or may not use decimals. Cheat Engine rounds values at 6th position i think. You can change this values to anything you want, except negative and numbers higher than 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (CE wont allow this)

2Bytes and Float are similar to 4Bytes and Double respectively. They are very rare, so i wont describe them

Hack subtype number 2: .sol editing

First of all, good job getting here. It is a little harder if you want to mess with .sol files. To make your own hacks, you have to download .sol editor or Niflheim. Unlike many people may think, Niflheim is perfect sol editor which you cant close...only kill the process in Task manager.

I am using Windows 7, dont know about Vista or XP, so i am sorry, but i wont help you on those OSs

.Sol locations: Disk nameUsersNamy of your PC accountAppDataRoamingMacromediaFlash PlayerSharedObjectsRandom numbers.

You will see many sites, eg is Kongregate folder is Newgrounds folder
and so on

This site shows you how to get to hidden files: ... ial62.html

How to edit you sol file? Open it in editor of your choice and you are set to edit like insane. Sometimes your editing will result in wipe out, so back-up your sol files before editing

How to use made sol files? Replace sol you have in PC with one you downloaded. For Kongregate, either files are stored in root (= you open and sols are there) or stored in subfolders. When you put your mouse on Add to Favourites, on bottom of browser you will see: blahblahblah gameID: 104310 (Tyrant). If game saves somewhere, it is stored in subfolder 00104310

What is .sol? Flash Shared Object, or place where sites store their data along with cookies

This is it, so easy, right? This is what we usually mean by basics.

Hack type number 2. Advanced
Hack subtype number 1: Text

Text scans use Cheat Engine, so change Scan Type to Text. And attach it correctly

I never quite understood these types of hacks and ignored made tutorial about root hacks, which is quite well made.

Only feature i will mention is hitTest. It is AS2 feature (Action Script 2, older version of AS3). Search it as it is. Change it to asdf and press okay when it asks you if you are sure and no when it wants to add -0 terminator. Thats all there is. It will make you invinsible and unable to interact with game in any way. Use with caution and it is impossible to use on most of games, sorry

Hack type number 3. Professional
Hack subtype number 1: Array of Bytes (AoB)

This is it, the reason why you joined this site. The toughest, meanest, scariest hack that pwns almost any game. It requires one more program, SoThink SWF Decompiler. Also, programs like UnSWFEncryptUNP, SWF Decrypt and similar will help with dealing with encrypted games. Unfortuantelly, we cant deal with server-sided game or obfuscated games. We = 99% of hackers here. The rest are able to work with packets, CE Memory View, Pointer Scans and so on.

It might look easy when you see masters doing it, but is quite hard to master by yourself without any knowledge of hex and programming. I am one of few exceptions, i mastered AoB hacks without any tutorial. But moving on.

Array of Bytes hacks consist of bytes. Easyiest description i can come up with (bunch of letters and numbers is lame description). They consist of two arrays. One is in-game function, so after you change Scan Type to Array of Bytes, you search for it, and second is what to change it for.

As for theory behind these hacks, you would have to download swf using any means necessary (swfdump, AdBlock and similar) and open game in SoThink SWF Decompiler. Other way is to open process in Memory View, which i wont explain, because you should be skilled with CE to understand what i mean. Then, doesnt matter the method, you have to find function, search it in CE, edit it using special procedures unique for Flash (opcodes) and then hoping it wont crash the game.

AoBs use Hex(adecimal) table (we, humans, are using Dec (decimal). So Arrays values can be: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F. F is 15, FF is 255, FF FF is 65535 and so on. But because AoBs are bunch of two bytes together, you write 10 in decimal as 0A as hex (doesnt matter if upper-case or lower-case, CE will make it correct).
Some Opcode: (I know for 100% these work for Flash as it is)
00 - Return True
01 - Return False
02 - NOP (No OPeration)
and many more, i used these only to show you what it looks like
NOP is interesting feature, because it turns function into code that does nothing.
26 - Pushtrue
27 - Pushfalse

After you read this whole tutorial (which i doubt anybody will) you are able to USE any hacks given. With some trial-errors, you will be able to make your own hacks.
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I thought True was 26
and False 27

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master x make a tutorial how to figure out which arrays to use? i got till there but now the question which one do i use.....-.- any help is appreciated also i know hexa decimal and basic syntax for c++(noob in c++) still... so.. i tried with epic war 4 =x failed miserably
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So how DO you change a value to a negative?

You pointed out the obvious, you can't simply change the number in 4byte using cheat engine, but I'd like to know if it's possible at all.

Extremely useful when developers decrypt the buy price but forget the sell price (broken image removed)
Sure you can already put to 0 and get free, but actually getting money would be much better for convenience and bypassing 'you don't have enough money to look at this' filters which prevent you from getting it at all.

I heard something about a number over a certain amount would roll over the limit and become a negative, but I'm not sure which number this is, or if i understood the exact meaning in the first place.
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Never let a computer tell´╗┐ me shit.
Quote from: "mr frogger"
I heard something about a number over a certain amount would roll over the limit and become a negative, but I'm not sure which number this is, or if i understood the exact meaning in the first place.
for 1 byte (00 through FF) the maximum positive value is 7F, I will leave the others as an exercise for you to find.

the main way to do it though is to simply change add to subtract or vice versa. like if you buy something and it subtracts the number away, change the subtraction to addition and you gain money when buying.
in AS3 addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are A0, A1, A2, and A3, respectively.

I use this AoB tool to make all the AoBs I post. Try the online version if you dont feel like downloading it.
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