Plugin container + speedhack = chat disconnect?
Hello. I am using Mozilla Firefox and choose plugin container to get flash game. Whenever i put speed in speedhack to x200, kongregate disconnects me from chat. Same happens rarely at x100 speed. Why is it happening? I am sure i did not choose firefox.exe. Is there any way to fix it?
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Because the plugin-container.exe is not just for flash, it is for alot of other plug-ins that firefox use, as it is called a plugin container and the chat is javascript based which is part of the plugin-container.

I think that is all that is needed on this subject.

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And so there is no way to fix it, right? Thank you for information.

P.S. Sorry for posting in wrong section
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It's no problem and I don't think there is a way to fix it.

I believe firefox spams different containers for different plugins. I know for a fact that Flash = one container and Java = another container. By the way, which chat are you referring to?
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Kongregate Chat, and depends on the firefox version as well.

I don't see why it would use plugin container for javascript, seeing as it isn't a plugin.

I believe the reason the chat disconnects is because it uses an .swf (
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So it was flash based, I was always wondering what Konduit was.

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Konduit is a general API that ties all of the different bits and pieces of Kongregate together.  For example, I worked on the JS cross-domain security portion of Konduit.  Very sleek stuff.  I now use a similar approach that is much more secure in several installs for the company I work for.  (broken image removed)

BTW, why 200?  Why not try something like, ohhh, 20?  Slowly increase your speed may help, if you honestly need the 200x speed.  If you suddenly start polling the hell out of Kong servers, they typically kill the connection.

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