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Commando 3
Commando 3
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Action Army Gun Shooter Side Scrolling

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Commando 3

Last Updated: 10/31/2017 14:53

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After 6 months, a sleepless night, and about ten thousand lines of coding, Commando 3 has arrived! Read the instructions carefully, and report any bugs you find - I'll try to fix them and upload a new version ASAP. Be patient until the preloader appears! *v 1.6:* I'm pretty sure I fixed the save bug now. Check the corner of the main menu to see which version you're playing. Author: VENGEANCE-GGG
Commando 3 Posted on: 11/17/2011 1:32am
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Just looking for unlimited life or health if possible, since bytes dont really work for this game.


Ammo is double byte, just search and find your ammo, and freeze it, and boom, unlimited ammo.

Lives are also double byte, becomes very useful when fighting the final boss.
Re: Commando 3 Posted on: 11/25/2011 7:00am
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hp resume = double, init value: 200
RE: Commando 3 Posted on: 12/07/2014 4:31pm
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thanks guys ive always liked commando games this just makes it help me find out its ending with endless streams of bullets smiley thank you

RE: Commando 3 Posted on: 10/31/2017 2:53pm
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my childhood game tbh xd