[REQUEST] League of Legends
[REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 01/30/2012 3:28pm
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Hey guys, i have been playing this for awhile now and was wondering why its not a topic on Kongregate already. So i made it a topic to see how many hacks we can dig up. It's suppose to work good with CE and lua.files and i know some of you are really good with that so hopefully someone will pick it up.

RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 08/26/2013 11:44am
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disgruntled old man
Although if you play this game, I'm sure you already know...


New to Kong Hack and want to learn the basics? Check out the [Kong Hack 101] and the [Hacking 101].
Wanna learn how we make the hacks? Start with getting [the tools], then check these out: [AoB tutorial] | [.sol guide] | [Unity3d tutorial] | kadat's [video tutorials]
And if you don't already have it, check out the [Kong Hack Ultra Trainer]. You'll be glad you did!
RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 08/31/2013 4:47pm
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Hacking league is a bad idea, they have pretty good security put in place to deal with hackers and they will perma-ban your account with no questions asked. I suppose if you are playing it casually and not to climb the ranking system, then hacking it and getting banned isn't an issue.

On an unrelated note, I offer free lessons on support and jungle to players that are looking to get a higher tier/division. I'm a plat 5 support/jungle main with about plat 2 mmr. Add me in game: Creation Matrix. I'm only on the NA server, sorry.
RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 09/03/2013 8:08am
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I look here.. I start to think.. Why the hell hack LoL? After all i hope that more players play for fun.. Not like my friend who was angry on all world if he was defeted.. When i started play it i see players who was on "If i dont get that char, you will suck beacuse im soo pr00 and you are all n00bs" ~_~" And now i see more players who will flame on other in thier own lauguage..

And if u want to get fun game.. Play with Kog'maw :] His ulti is so much fun to troll x)
RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 04/14/2014 12:57am
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Anyone know when they decreased the max zoom level?

RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 06/03/2014 11:41am
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A while back!

RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 08/15/2014 9:13pm
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I love this game

RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 08/26/2014 7:47pm
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map hack would be awesome xD

RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 09/02/2014 7:48pm
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Playing with Yasuo is already hacking :P

RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 12/03/2017 12:05pm
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i hate when someone hide in the bush... and then launch an ambush

RE: [REQUEST] League of Legends Posted on: 12/07/2017 1:56pm
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I remember a program they used on Dota(The Mod) It was a map hack

It was like that..maybe someone can fix it up or something something??

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