Need a little guidance with Unity Game [Begone]
Hello everybody.

Getting to the point I have been trying for weeks now to set my hp to infinite in the Begone Guerra Unity game.

I was hoping someone could point out where I messed (if I have) up so I can fix it.

But before I do start I'd like everyone to know I was able to do the cheat engine tutorial that came with CE on finding the hp and everything..

I start off entering the game and opening cheat engine  v6.1 and selecting firefox.exe (I have also tried these exact same steps in the other 2 plugins under Firefox but nothing as of yet).

I go to 4bytes and type in exact value of my hp which is 100 in the game.  I have also tried starting with unknown initial value and do a decreased value every time I get it. I have tried this in each type of byte and float (just incase) as well.

I have also attempted decreased value by every time I get hit.  I have even tried multiplying my hp to see if it helps but nothing.

I guess what I'd like guidance on is this:  Is HP always in 4 bytes and if I'm on the right track is it just more trial an error until I find it?

Maybe I haven't tried something yet?  Any tips are appreciated.
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its unity so yes its 4bytes.

without playing the game or caring about the problem here are three other options.

1) health is a strange memory construct that im not going to bother explaining, but that its location changes everytime it changes.
2)health is protected by by some sort of shadow system. so simply instead of the origin being 0, its some other arbitrary number, 356678. so for full health to be 100, we have the actually stored value 356778, just simply adding 100 to the origin. we can get way crazy with this using complex math if we want but this is the idea. then to show health we just take health variable shine a light on him to see the fake form and write that value to the screen, but healths true form is still shadowed.

3) its serversided, so the game constantly updates your health from the data on the server.

I use this AoB tool to make all the AoBs I post. Try the online version if you dont feel like downloading it.
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Awesome,  thanks for the help.

That's all I really needed so I guess this can be locked.

Thanks again!
Actually begone is all client-sided and you can just imagine the lag a server-sided shooter with 1 server handling 1k ppl would produce.

There is a locked post about begone, work in both official and kongregate version, so if you use those code, you are actually modifying the game engine that make it do or skip whatever steps, like not changing your health even if you get hitted.

But I don't know if old AoB for 1.6.2 from lol wut still work, if you have time, test it out. You should be able to find 2 results with each of those codes if you target the correct process, but some does not work as intended after modifying it when I was trying.

Appreciate anyone who will try to test 1.6.2 cheats in-game and report it here. And if you are kongregator you can test it on and it is just the same game only without kongregate support.


This is were its stored locally, no idea what I could do with it, gonna see if I can't figure out how to get AoBs on here. Never messed with unity before.

I ripped the standalone unity3d file from the page using downthemall, located were the cache is for the game, the seperate asset files, now i'm gonna download the free version of unity and see if I can't mod the file in our favor, then use fiddler to send back a client that we modded. I'm unfamiliar with unity-based mmo's, and I'm not quite sure what is server based and what isn't, but I'm sure simple changes like making the character's health 500, or making guns free, unlimited grenades, ect, should be client based.
I'd try making it do more damage, but if it was a client based value then the other clients wouldn't see taking 500 damage a shot, and you'd take 500 damage a shot essentially screwing yourself over. I'll post my results, if it works, i'll upload a file and some directions.

Edit: That's a bust, no way to use any of the files using the editor I downloaded. Dunno, I'll look around for any easy alternatives, not knowledgable enough to do anything.. advanced.

Okay, so I decompiled the unity3d file (Which is a web file, it's not the project files) and using Dis# (DisSharp) I'm decompiling the .dll files, and it lets me see everything we wanna change. Once i change, i'll see if I can't re-compile the files into a unity3d file, and if i can manage to do so I'm going to test it. Cross your fingers.

Cool. I can open and view it.
But I can't edit/recompile.
-Shakes head-

Switched to dotPeek, dis# showed incomplete data as it was a trial version.
Visual basic may be a method to edit and recompile .dlls, maybe? I don't know, still could use some expert opinion!

If anyone else would like to help me out, I'd really appreciate it!

EditEdit: Well, I've tried everything I can, which isn't that far. I have the decompiled unity3d file, if anyone wants/needs it. No idea how to get AoBs / Addresses from this game. Tried simple value changing/freezing, didn't do anything.
there is a method in Begone's code, it is something like, onplayerdeath, or ondeath. if you find the call to it and nop it out you will never die, but there is a little problem that i never figured out after that, you get shot and the screen turns all red and you slow down, i never figured out how to remove that effect.

but there is another way to hack Begone if you don't understand how to make aob's for IL code or how to make them at all. If you use fiddler and clear your browser's cache and capture all the traffic when the game is loading, you will capture i think it is an xml file, in that file you can set the rate of fire for your weapons and how much ammo you've got, just modifying that file and autoreplacing with fiddler i made an infinite grenade hack but i was able to throw like 50 every second like i was shooting them from a machine gun.