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Adventure Magic Metroidvania Pixel Platform

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Arzea (235 Points)

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Keys to Success

  Find 2 keys

Oh Ho Ho It's Magic

  Destroy the evil wizard and find your way home

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Pulled into an unknown world, a young Wizard must master magical spells, fight dangerous enemies, gain powerful abilities, and search a mystical land in order to find his way home. Arzea was originally created for a Ludum Dare 22 (a 48 hour game programming competition). The game was then extended to include more content and better music.
Arzea (235 Points) Posted on: 02/19/2012 10:05pm
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Should be able to unlock all achievements with this

Add it in C:Documents and SettingsusernamehereApplication DataMacromediaFlash Player#SharedObjectsFXRT8VLGuploads.ungrounded.net589000589611_secure_Arzea.swf