Getting through doSWF protection
Getting through doSWF protection Posted on: 09/30/2012 6:35am
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Hey guys,
I have a question that has been bothering me for quite a long time now, and that is the doSWF encryption I've seen on couple of games now.

Using a memory dumper, I've been able to extract an embedded .swf, and sometimes if lucky, it will be the actual game file but obviously not working at all.
I own a copy of SWF Reader but it's not of any help at all.

My goal and question is, how do you hack a game that is encrypted by this doSWF encryption and make it run perfectly fine?

I have 2 examples:

- Precision Strike

- Defense Ghost 2

Thanks in advance for any help on this.
Re: Getting through doSWF protection Posted on: 09/30/2012 8:48am
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Never let a computer tell´╗┐ me shit.
lol I dont like you, so I dont intend to give you a direct answer. Here is what I will give you.

The solution is incredibly simple. It requires only just the smallest bit of lateral or perhaps concomitant thinking. One thing to consider is that the AVM _must_ be able to process the data; that is to say that it can not be hidden.

here goes an aob for the ghost defender so you know im not just blowing smoke up your ass. It took me longer to write this post than it did to get this AoB.
the buying the 12 main upgrades adds cash
66 c2 13 d0 66 ?? ?? a1 61 c2 13
66 c2 13 d0 66 ?? ?? a0 61 c2 13
Code: [Select]
if (( == "heli-man" || == "heli-man 2" || == "roof-man" || == "roof-man 2" || == "roof-man 3" || == "shooting driver") && >= this.humanCost)
               = - this.humanCost;
                        this.soundManager.࠱(300, this.cash_sound, false, stage);
anyway, I didnt want to go to your website and download a virus, so I got the swf from the first result in google. its still got doswf though so dont cry.

I use this AoB tool to make all the AoBs I post. Try the online version if you dont feel like downloading it.
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Re: Getting through doSWF protection Posted on: 09/30/2012 9:00am
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Not sure why would you not like me, neither do I care. And yes my test website is full of viruses, just for you.

Thanks for answering though, I appreciate it.
Having an AoB to hack the games is not my goal, I just wanted to know how to get around the protection without messing up the game.