Naruto Arena
Naruto Arena Posted on: 10/29/2012 8:11pm
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I recently started to play a game called naruto-arena (, its a cool game, but there are many characters to unlock.
It takes forever, and im getting tired of unlocking them.
Can some1 help?
Re: Naruto Arena Posted on: 12/04/2012 3:41pm
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rly? no one can help? :/
Re: Naruto Arena Posted on: 12/05/2012 1:35am
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Never let a computer tell´╗┐ me shit.
I cant get past the registration screen. too much input required. if you want to make me an account and post here the user and pass i'll look at it.

use the following if youre willing

user: kolonelkadat
pass: flashcheats

I use this AoB tool to make all the AoBs I post. Try the online version if you dont feel like downloading it.
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RE: Naruto Arena Posted on: 07/19/2016 11:57pm
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I'm trying edit something but with no good results.
Just on my screen or the game give me loose stats