Give Up
Give Up
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Action Escape Platform Quick Running

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Give Up

Last Updated: 12/11/2015 04:12

Give Up

Last Updated: 01/26/2013 03:12

Give Up - 35 pts. (new window)

Spikes Tend to Kill You

  Complete the first 10 floors

Peer Pressure Protester

  Resist your urges to give up and complete every floor

Game Dscription
Failure is inevitable, so why delay? Hit that Give Up button and be done with all this. No need to try to finish the game. I wouldn't be impressed either way. But if you want to humor yourself you can at least try a few floors on for size. Game by John + Tasselfoot Ending Music Tracks by Kevin Macleod []
Give Up Posted on: 01/26/2013 3:12am
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disgruntled old man

2c 89 11 - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO (give up)
2c 9f 12  - Take the Low Road
2c 84 13 - Good Hustle
2c b0 14 - Unlucky 13
2c c5 0f  - You Finally Made It!
2c c4 12 - Off to a Good Start

- Start game and click give up.
- Refresh.
- Search: 2c 89 11 2c f6 12
- Replace with next medal.
- Start game and click give up.
- Refresh and repeat

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