decompile deobfuscate
decompile deobfuscate Posted on: 04/10/2013 8:00pm
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I am new to this site and was wondering if someone can assist with some decoding here is the file

Ideally a simple guide would be good or a way to automate as files are updated very regularly. However step one would be if its possible to decode?

Many thanks
RE: decompile deobfuscate Posted on: 04/10/2013 11:40pm
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looks like your going to just have to do it by hand.

analyse code, find out what its doing, rename it something meaningful, repeat

welcome to wonderful world of RE. this is just a primer. it only gets harder from this point onwards

I use this AoB tool to make all the AoBs I post. Try the online version if you dont feel like downloading it.
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