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[Request] Papa's Pancakeria
Papa's Pancakeria
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Cooking Food Mouse Only Restaurant Time Management

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[Request] Papa's Pancakeria

Last Updated: 04/25/2013 01:48

Papa's Pancakeria

Last Updated: 04/03/2012 08:08


Mini-Game Looter

  Earn 5 Mini-Game Prizes

Perpetual Waffling

  Unlock waffles

Barista Basics

  Reach rank 16

Game Dscription
Help Prudence and Cooper run Papa’s Pancakeria! You’ll need to cook and stack pancakes, french toast, and waffles in Papa’s latest time-management game. The hands-on gameplay of the series returns, with new challenges related to stacking, arranging toppings and pouring syrup. In this latest installment, the great Foodini will arrive after each day with his traveling Mini Game Show! Foodini only accepts special tickets that are earned throughout the day, and has seven different games you can play. Each ticket gives you a chance to play his daily game to win many unique prizes. Also new to the series is an unlockable Drink Station that adds to the growing challenge of multitasking.
[Request] Papa's Pancakeria Posted on: 03/10/2012 6:45pm
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Can someone find some codes for this game? ^^^^

Posted on: 03/10/2012 7:05pm
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Foreign Fanservice
Yay for backing up my AoB's.

100 build score

d1 24 64 61 ?? ?? 56
d1 24 64 61 ?? ?? 47

100 wait (& drink?) score

d1 60 ?? 24 00 60
d1 60 ?? 24 64 60

100 grill score

60 ?? 62 ?? 62 ?? a3 46 ?? ?? ?? 61
60 ?? 02 02 02 24 64 46 ?? ?? ?? 61

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RE: [Request] Papa\'s Pancakeria Posted on: 03/11/2012 3:43pm
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Any chance of getting a leg up on the "Customer Cravings" minigame? That's the one where you have to remember all the customers' orders 5 times to get the star rating, and pretty much the only minigame speedhack doesn't work on! Thanks.
RE: [Request] Papa\'s Pancakeria Posted on: 03/11/2012 9:16pm
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Thanks for the AOB's.

I really, Really, REALLY hate these games.
RE: [Request] Papa's Pancakeria Posted on: 04/25/2013 1:48am
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That double search for rank value works, setting it to 15 or higher will prevent you from unlocking the drink machine, which is damn anoying as the game won't let you place the ticket w/o placing a drink.